My sewing room is clean … come on in!!

Earlier this week I had to straighten up my sewing room so Clarinda could get put in her cabinet… and I had finished some projects and had prepped for the next so was time to tidy up!  So I took all these as signs and cleaned and photoed a bit as I was at it …  WHOOP!

I shared this shot on facebook and many wanted to see “the rest of the room!” lol

I will show you more… but first lets take a look at my part!!!  Take note of my cool vintage iron and home made ironing surface… as well as my design wall there on the wall to the right also 😉

I have shared this “Quilt” sign before… but here it is again with Clarinda in her new dress!!!

 Clarinda was made in Great Britain in 1967 and is a 347k!  She zig zags and straight stitches and does it now without any fussing!  I love her 🙂

 To the right of her is Glorious Gloria for 301a from 1952.  I am using her on a project currently and love her smooth stitching!!!!  I also love this vintage chair my honey recovered for me….

 Over Gloria is a calendar for 2016 that I got as a Christmas present from my DIL Kayla… I always can’t wait to change it and see what pics of CJ’s life I get to see!!!!  She is an AWESOME DIL!!!!

 Just to the left of that is this butterfly… Someone gifted it to me along the way… I really like it 🙂

 This is a canvas my son made for me… all about my goal for 2016… Life is Beautiful…

Now for my honey’s side of the room…

 I made the valance… it is machine and hand quilted 🙂

He fixed and sells vintage Singer Featherweight sewing machines like you see on the table and the shelves so this space serves him well!

Now I can’t show you a shot currently of the rest of the room! lol

But suffice it to say it is a tad messy I am sure!!! hahahaha 🙂  But don’t they say creative minds thrive with a bit of clutter in their design spaces???  WHOOP!

Meanwhile I continue working on Brandi’s quilt… I am almost 56% complete on it now !!!!  Whoop 🙂

And with the outer border completed this morning !!

I haven’t truly started on the wall hanging on my frame but I am all set up to quilt there now… I just wanted to focus on Brandi’s quilt as it’s date to be given will be here soon!

Check out the lamp for my frame that my honey found on eBay…  It is a cantelever style lamp from the 70’s made by FASE….

The arrows above are pointing to it’s nice long reach!!!!

We initially found and paid for it … but when it arrived it was all broken from poor packaging for it’s journey… once we settled with the seller my honey set about “fixing” it… and he altered A LOT of things but in the end the final design shown the lamp looking no different than it was intended… HE IS FANTASTIC at this stuff!!!

Soooo.. he has named this lamp “Ms. Penny” because that is what we wound up paying for her… and a few hours of work and ingenuity by my honey!! 🙂

check out the how bright the halogen bulb in this lamp is too…

Nice and bright and ready to go!!!!

I am linking this post to Sarah’s Whoop Whoop Linky Party HERE!  She is having a very cool giveaway today also!!

So until my next post… remember….

4 thoughts on “My sewing room is clean … come on in!!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Thanks for the \”tour\” of your sewing space. My sewing room is a mess! I spent some time earlier this week tidying up the rest of the house. You're inspiring me to get in there and tidy up the sewing room. Now if I can remain inspired when I step foot in there … I suspect that I'll get waylaid when I see my current project. Ha!



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