Mug Rugs from Orphan Blocks.. a Fun January Finish !!

Recently I have been straightening and cleaning my sewing room from sooo many projects I have been up to the last SIX MONTHS or so! lol  Anyway, I have been sorting and gathering orphaned blocks left over from quilts I made that never got used… my goal is to give these blocks to a friend for repurposing or to use them… well 2 of them got lucky and are now IN USE!!!

Aren’t these fun Star Mug Rugs!!!!

I hand pieced the blocks (8 1/2″) with a goal of making several to put together for a table topper… well I never did that and sent off the other cut and prepared pieces to a fb friend for her to finish one day… hand piecing is not something my arthritic hands can do much of I realized!

Today I would like to show your up close how I made them.. by showing you a close up of the one on the right getting done…

First of all pick out your orphaned block of any type you want to quilt into something fun…
Sorry I can’t find a photo of my block unquilted.

Then choose backing that is slightly larger all around than your block … if you have it press both from the back with Best Press… It helps the block to stay nice and crisp!

Finally pick a batting piece… I used a scrap piece of 100% cotton fabric but you may want something that is more heat resistant if yours will be used as a hot pad or pot holder!

In this shot you see how I layered the 3 pieces… my batting layer, then backing layer FACE UP and block FACE DOWN…

Pin these 3 layers together and sew around the edges leaving a opening on a straight side for turning.

Once you have your 3 layers sewn turn the piece over and trim your batting FIRST… as close as possible to the sewn line…

THEN trim the block leaving your 1/4 inch seam EXCEPT for those outer corner… trim them off like I did in this shot…

The ** denotes all the corners I trimmed off 🙂

Now you are ready to turn it right side out through the opening you left.. My opening was about 3″ long and I backstitched when starting and stopping stitching to make them more durable for turning.
Once turned you can now take something with a sharp point like an orange stick or a small pair of scissors or a pen… and push out the very corners so they have sharp points (this is why you trimmed all those points off on the inside! …

Once you have done this to all the corners and side seams and it lays nice and flat…

IRON your piece and press the edges that you left for the opening under so you can hand stitch this opening closed….

Here is my opening whip stitched closed…

Then quilt it up by hand or machine to have a cool Mug Rug!!!!

Here is a close up of the first one I finished… I used a 12 wt Aurifil in Raisin color for all the quilting here…

 What is cool about this Mug Rug is my daughter (17 years old) took her FIRST hand quilting stitches on this piece…

She said it was a bit boring to her! lol  Well taking 5 or 6 big stitches in a poking kind of stabbing stitch would be boring to me as well I think… So on my next project I plan to let her quilt properly … I will give her something more challenging to quilt in a regular stitch with regular cotton quilting thread instead of big stitch thread! lol  That should teach me!!!!

The second one I wanted to be differently quilted… so my friend Wendy sent me this photo among others .. and I was inspired!

the picture is not that great but my mathematical and design mind went wild with the possibilites… so first I stitched in the ditch in YLI black thread…

Then I made the secondary pattern in Valdani Perle 8 cotton thread!!!!  That was tough to tug through batik fabric but I think the outcome speaks for itself!!!

So what do you think… got some orphaned blocks that need rehoming??  Or do you have blocks with possibilities of quick other projects to make for yourself or for gifts for others??

And after washing and drying them .. sooo yummy looking don’t ya think??!!!!

I have 2 other blocks I have pulled and am thinking of baby bibs now! lol  Oh my!  The may become a habit to collect a couple blocks from each quilt I make … or maybe not if I can help it! ha 😀

I am linking this January UFO completion to Julie HERE!  Come see what everyone else is finishing in the UFO realm 🙂

Meanwhile I am down to the last FOUR blocks of the center of the Fall Wall Hanging…

More on this project when I start the inner border… but you don’t want to miss the cool way I am planning to quilt it.. so follow along now!

So that is what I have been up to the last couple days… how about you??  Any quilty progress??

I am linking with Kelly’s NTT (Needle and Thread Thursday) post HERE!  come see what Kelly and others are sharing today 🙂

My daughter also has been having some back issues and is currently on medication and under doctor’s care… please keep her in your prayers!

Until my next post remember…

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