Fall Progress and some EXCITING news too!

I have made it my habit on purpose to keep my hoop close to my computer… I sit here a few times a day to rest between activities that are going on…

And on days when I don’t feel as good… this chair provides me comfort and relaxation! 🙂

 The table I use to set my quilt on was made by my honey to my specifications and is on rollers that are very nice!  They work well on the tile floor we have out here in our Florida room too! 🙂

I think the parrots really liven up my space… and that lamp is invaluable to me as well!  All in all a cozy space surrounded by pics and momentos from loved ones too!  but this space is also my messy spot as you can tell! lol  We keep the house fairly orderly… but this space is where we do our brainstorming and therefore it tends to stay messy…

Do you have a place in your home that stays a mess to provide you with inspiration?? 

Linking this quilty post to Kelly for NTT (Needle and Thread Thursday)… check out her fun linky HERE!

So as I wake up this morning and start stitching on this oak leaf… I am giddy with excitement as well!

I am going to AQS Daytona Beach quilt week!!!!

Can you believe I have NEVER been to a real quilt show??!!!!  I am mega excited about this too!

My plan is that my honey is going with me… he is equally as excited as we know a few with pieces displayed in this show and they are yummy for sure!  I plan to take lots of pictures with my phone… will be clearing it off closer to time so I have PLENTY of room!!!  I plan to share highlights of my 2 DAYS at the show with you 🙂

Have you been to a big quilt show??  What did you think??

Then next week I go back and take a class… I have signed up for it already as well and have my name badges for me and my honey to enter the show.. it wounds up saving me the membership price almost entirely to join AQS for 1 year… which also includes a mag I hear is really a good one!!!

The class I am taking the next day is on NEEDLETURN APPLIQUE!!!  Just what I really want to learn and I love teal and orange together… this is a lovely piece for sure!  I am VERY excited about this class too!

The class was a bit pricey so I looked on youtube before making the decision to take the class and watched a couple vids to see if I could understand her well… and I could!  So hopefully the class ( max size is only 24 students) should be good at one on one time if I need it! 🙂

This class coincides with a quilt with appliqued parts in it I wanted to do via traditional needleturn… if I master this piece from this class… I will be able to do it!!!  Yippee!!!!

In the last couple days I have been going through and organizing my scrap user system I use… I keep 5″ blocks, 2 1/2″ strips, 1 1/2″ strips, as well as bits & pieces that would be fun for crumb piecing if I ever try that … or for the applique maybe too!

Anyway, this is my 2 1/2″ strip bin… I had to go through the WHOLE shoe box sized bin and sort them as this bin was OVERFLOWING!! lol

 My honey went to the everything a dollar store for me and picked up some blue and orange boxes that were the same size as the clear boxes I already had… just now in my fave colours! lol

 Now doesn’t that look nice… Shout out to my bestie Connie for organizing me to start with last summer!!!

Until my next post please remember Life if Precious … handle with care ~

4 thoughts on “Fall Progress and some EXCITING news too!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    you will like the quilt show I'm sure and be amazed by a lot of the quilts and vendors too – so much to look at. I was just amazed at the first show I went to as there where so many quilts hanging and so many vendors it almost made me dizzy LOL As far as a class go I have not taken one so don't know how that goes, I don't like mess so I don't have a messy place for thinking – I like to be organized.


  2. Donna M

    Lots of quilts and lots of vendors at that show. I went to QuiltWeek in Chattanooga last September. The show in Paducah is way bigger. Almost every vendor you can think of was there. Put on some comfy shoes. Carry a tote bag. Bring money. Have fun!



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