Relaxin’ Sunday before Christmas :)

Hey Ya’ll!  Happy Sunday wherever you are… the sun is finally waking here on the east coast.

I have been sooo busy since my last post… and have so much more planned but today I am doing it in a relaxing Sunday mode 🙂  How about you??  What mode are you in right now!??  

I guess we are in full on Christmas mode here ! lol  Got jazzy Christmas tunes playing as I write this even!

I finished Kaydence’s quilt on the 18th of December and mailed it that afternoon!!!  And I sent it to her mom… so excited to hopefully get a picture to share with the grand reveal of the quilt post… coming later! lol

Once I finished her quilt I immediately started getting into my stash of Christmas fabrics… and some 10″ squares of cool Christmas fabrics I added this year (having forgotten I already had some! lol)…

Yep.. a chain for the Christmas tree made of FABRIC!!!!  Thanks my bestie Wendy for the idea… mine is designed a bit different but when me and my honey saw one she was making we knew we wanted one too! lol

So I cut lots of variety of fabrics that read dark medium and light out of my christmas fabrics and threw a few other from my first quilt I ever made (yep I found some of that fabric leftover in my stash ya’ll!) 🙂  Was I excited to find some bits just the right size for making some chain pieces… this will be a memory chain of sorts I was thinking…

Here is my chain growing… above… and I connect more and more.. whilst watching me some Netflix 🙂

And here it is waiting for my daughter to wake and put it on the tree! 🙂

So that was a fun and easy project that is done!  So happy with it too… and thanks for an easy way to construct chain sized down like this than my bestie Connie!  This would still be in the making without her common sense chat during this project 🙂

So what are you up to ???

My daughters best friend from preschool arrived yesterday from Tennessee and will spend the next 2 weeks with us.. This is exciting for sure!!!  Well Brandi has a stocking but not a handmade by mom one as that one I made when she was young was lost in the fire.. she has a beautiful Pottery Barn replacement that just isn’t yelling to be hung this year.. instead I will surprise my dd and her friend with NEW stockings… quilted and made by me 🙂  Here is the start of each…

 and my daughter brought me this shirt… too small for her but she wants to repurpose it… it is thin stetchy knit fabric but the center “S” has gold foiling fabric if you can tell.. anyway… I am willing to quilt it but can you think of something besides a pillow or cushion??  I want something cool made from this!  Ideas anyone???

In my upcoming post I plan to share a special gift I got in the mail yesterday… stay tuned and until my next post….

P. S.  I already have next years motto decided… have you given any thoughts as to what you want your focus to be for 2016 yet???  I am excited to share this in an upcoming post as well! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Relaxin’ Sunday before Christmas :)

  1. Donna M

    A tote bag sounds like a neat idea. Your tree looks great. Love the idea of a fabric chain. Those girls will love having new stockings. If you ever come to visit TN again, we must meet up.



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