Friday Whoops to share :)

Well it is Finally Friday!!!

The weekend will soon be upon us 🙂
So what are you Whooping about for this week??  I have plenty to share in the hand quilting world… and am linking this post with Sarah for her Friday Whoop linky HERE 😀
My honey has been under the weather a bit this week… it happens to us all at times… so I have focused on house cleaning and quilting… I won’t bore you with the house cleaning! lol  but check out this shot I caught after stain removing and ironing this cool old Christmas table cloth I found in our Christmas stuff!  Whoop !!!!
I just love the texture of the quilt above caught in this shot … we have sunlight streaming into our living room from windows in the ceiling.. gives this cool effect without any photo enhancing too!
Here is a close up of the reason for the Season of Christmas in our home…
I think this is a better backdrop than the backside of a quilt! lol  My honey likes it too .. so he didn’t mind the change out! 🙂  WHOOP!!!!
Wednesday I marked the last of the orange inner border on Kaydence’s Blankie…
And was happy to see the meeting up my quilting to where I had started on Thursday…
By Thursday afternoon I had pulled out the stencil I had used on that center block…
This is a wavy crosshatch design.. I will use it on the outer borders but not in the cornerstones.. I have something different planned for them!
I had used the blue water soluble marker on my orange fabric marking… it was a joy to quilt with… but once spritzed away… and once DRY!  It comes back … all is well though… it is just that I am HEAVY HANDED on how I use the blue pen… spritz a second time well and it will be gone for good 🙂  No it doesn’t stain… and it doesn’t come back.. just don’t iron this marker while present in the quilt… once rinsed /washed well it will be gone forever! 🙂
Now back to my outer border… wavy cross hatch pattern… here is some of the first border done…
Doesn’t this look fun in the end.. .and it sews up fast too… no reason to stress about stitches with this meandering crosshatch either!  WHOOP!!!!
My plan for the weekend is to blog with progress on Sunday sometime… I will be focusing on the remaining 3 sides of the quilt… I have just about finished the side I marked Thursday already at this writing.. so I am feeling hopeful that by tonite I will have a couple hoops of the next border complete as well as all of it marked   WHooP!!!!
Hope you all have a fab Friday and are enjoy Christmas preparations… visits with old friends and such… Make time to spontaneously do a good deed… it shall be appreciated and you will reap the rewards… I promise!!!
Until my next post…

2 thoughts on “Friday Whoops to share :)

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    your quilt is looking lovely!! I'm sure it will be loved. I am getting my Christmas decorations out this weekend, I am slow indeed and each year I seem to get slower at it for some reason – maybe I need to move north and then I would be more in the Christmas mood – having grown up in the north Christmas has never seemed right when you can go outside without a jacket and gloves



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