Happy Hump Day ~ Feeling Accomplished :)

This morning I woke a bit early but quite awake and ready to tear into my newly arranged sewing room… first I had to take care of a cup of coffee though! lol

… And get some hand stitching in 🙂 I am now working on this block of Kimber’s Memory Quilt.. and a few days ago became inspired to do something with her label…
I don’t have a picture before the continuous border was added… but here it is ready to be appliqued..
then I realized this needed “special quilting” on it.. so I pulled out my fave book of quilting ideas and found this..
But I really wanted a rope or chain that would fit on this narrow border ( once appliqued!) … so I searched “rope line drawing” on Google… I found this..
Perfect.. I printed it out and put on my light board to make sure it would work then traced it onto my fabric…
Now I marked it with a VERY fine blue spritz marker as I am waiting for good blue markers to arrive via mail.. lol!  But here is the design on the block …
Can you see it??
The center block is 2″ and the outer ring will be 1 1/2″ finished when appliqued in place on the right lower corner of the quilt….  my plan is to just unpin this section.. add this to the top.. cut out the back fabric bulk… quilt these lines and spritz away.. we shall we!!! lolololol
About the time I got done working on this label.. the doorbell rang and CJ came to play for the day.. his mom is having surgery today so please send your happy thoughts her way 🙂
And then the other day I was scrolling facebook and saw a quilt I remembered…
Here is a Project Pink update.. 
Rebekah was my Project Pink focus last year…Recently on facebook and she posted this..
and spoke of how grateful she was to have this quilt.. that made me sooo happy 🙂
Have you ever received fun feedback on a quilt when you needed it for another project??? lol!  This years Project Pink recipient hasn’t contacted me back as of yet.. but I sent her a small gift and card asking her to be my penpal and sharing some about me 🙂  So continue to keep her in your thoughts too.. her name is Sarah.. she is also young for breast cancer.. so it seems right now these are the ones God is sending me!
Okay, time for me to get more accomplished.. CJ is currently napping! lol
Have a blessed rest of your day and thanks for sending happy thoughts up for these requests 🙂 …

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