~ Jazzy Monday ~

I am here to tell you I have the last of the butterfly sashing in the hoop currently.. the end  of this section of the quilt is IN SIGHT!!!

This is sooo Whoopable.. Finishing this short strand of butterflies will solidify that I am 2/3 done with Kimber’s Memory Quilt now 🙂  I am rolling downhill now!!!

Plus I recently found out that Kaydence’s mom DID actually lose the quilt in their house fire that I had made Kaydence before she was born .. so guess what she wants!!!    A NEW QUILT!!  I was thrilled to find out she actually wants a keepsake style quilt with her name and birth and weight and length.. and she promises to use it too!

So besides the other behind the scenes stuff that is going on I have been designing something that will go together quickly…
I will be embroidering this center block for the quilt .. copying Keashia’s handwriting on the center.. she is mailing it tomorrow since no mail runs today… I have fabric pulled and can start this hand embroidery writing when I get everything from her 🙂  I am excited!!!

I was then equally excited when Wendy showed me this block and I drafted a row of 3 of them to see what I thought…


So there is now a quilt for Kaydence drafted!!!  I think it will be rad and just the colors her mom asked for.. Keashia is excited.. as am I !!  I love being a Grammy!!!

Well the hand quilting of this last bit of butterflies must go on…  Here is my fave background noise when I stitch..

a water bubbler!! lol  I have had this for years and it helps me focus on stitches and length and all while I listen to tunes and have the constant of the bubbler in the background too!

What do you listen to as you stitch???

Hope you have a blessed week.  Until my next post…

3 thoughts on “~ Jazzy Monday ~

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    A house fire? Did I miss your post about their house fire? 😦 It looks like your replacement quilt is going to be SPECTACULAR! What colors are you using? So glad that you're on the downhill slope on that memory quilt! Whoopable indeed!I generally listen to audiobooks when I'm stitching (especially when I'm machine stitching).


  2. Deb A

    Oh no – I must have missed the house fire post. Hope everyone is ok but so sad to lose that pretty quilt. I'm glad a new one was requested and will get made! Congrats on being on the down hill slope of the quilt – it is moving along so quickly. I have the tv on for my noise… at night when hand quilting. Maybe tonight will be a hand quilting night – down int he 50's ! I love it. Snuggle time.



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