Why I quilt..

Because it relaxes me.. I can put thoughts in order easier whilst quilting as well 🙂

A quilty group I am  a member of asked this question today Why we sew”? Did someone influenced you to sew? Have you stitched since you were quite young? Do you do you do other kinds of needlework? Is it about the finished product or is there something more that keeps you stitching?

It made me very reflective… lol!  But upon pondering this list of indepth questions I realized my grandmother … who I called Gaga… is the one who first planted the seed 🙂

I am dedicating this post to her…

Introducing my Gaga aka Jelina Pearl Suddath !!!

And Praise God she stayed healthy and doing her own thing until the last year of her lifetime on this Earth…

She quilted in the eves as I watch TV or played board games with my grandfather… 

When I was 8 or so I started doing basic cross stitch.. I still have my first piece I ever made too!  Actually my dd has it.. in her room… need I say more about why I can’t go snap a pic of it! lol

I did all kinds of embroidery from there.. my grandmother even tried to teach me crochet and knitting but a lot for those never took.

My mom taught me to sew.. even though I remember my Gaga treadling… my mom sewed electric. I had to pass my skill off by sewing paper and following lines first.. that worked well too 🙂

Soon I was making my own summer time clothes… but I found when I moved out that sewing for my home would be more fun! lol  I sewed lots of curtains and such as I raised my own family… much like my mom…

Now that I have found quilting I wish my Gaga were back to share my excitement at this craft!  To get hints from her too!  But that isn’t how it was to work out I guess.. so God sent me my bestie .. Connie 🙂

With her I recruited her to teach me quilting.. I was now well accomplished in pulled thread stitching and the like.. I had been around tatting and it just confused me but the older I got the more quilting sounded appealing!!!

My first pillow and quilt 🙂

So for her first I had to make a pillow top… so I did 🙂  Quicker and better than she expected I finished that pillow.. my mom later helped me turn it into a proper pillow.. it has since worn threadbare and has been replaced! lol

The replacement… better fabric and no lace edge! lol

Soon I was stitching one on machine even!  But just didn’t enjoy that as well for the ending.. it left me sore and very frustrated… me and Jack (seam ripper’s name) got to be very very good friends! lol

So I focused then on hand quilting my finishes and got my first vintage machine for more accurate piecing… well I got that in spades too!

I now have 4 vintage machines… sold my new one for more than I paid for it.. so didn’t do bad there! lol ( 3 of my 4 machines cost me less that that machine all by itself.  And I love sewing vintage still today!!)

The drive for me to quilt is not only the relaxation aspect but how they when the receiver loves it as much as I did making it all myself!

I quilt for the receiver .. but the quilting is therapy for ME! lol

And quilts last forever if made well too!  I have done major scrapbooking and memory keeping.. I have sold crafting products and avon as well! lol  … I have done all kinds of painting, hook rugging, wood turning attempting, pottery painting.. nothing does for me what quilting does.. and it is the gift that keeps on giving!!!

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane… do you want to answer this question.. write a post or leave a comment. Answer all or part of the question…

 Why we sew”? Did someone influenced you to sew? Have you stitched since you were quite young? Do you do you do other kinds of needlework? Is it about the finished product or is there something more that keeps you stitching?

Wait for my Pink Post coming up later this month too!  So until later…

2 thoughts on “Why I quilt..

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    great that your inspiration to quilt came from your grandmother – no one in my family quilted or quilts but me – I'm glad I found it years ago and all from seeing a quilt I wanted and couldn't afford and decided I could make one and I did – and 300+ quilts later still do LOL



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