October… Already?!!!

Happy October and Happy Fall Ya’ll! (or Spring if you are below the equator!!)

 Above is a pic I posted on the first day of Autumn here in Florida… and here is a pic I found on my friend Kathy’s fb page today…

Unfortunately… I had to have this one explained to me.. do you need an explanation as well??? lol

When other states travel to Florida the license plates change colors.. as Florida has a huge amount of “snowbirds” who come for the mild winters… but they begin arriving about now! lol  And this is accurate for sure!!!

So I hope whatever you have planned during this season includes something nice.. I have been hand quilting some.. although I haven’t been blogging the progress much as it has been slow but steady…

I did finish this block… although the quilting doesn’t show much in this photo….

 it is quilted quite nicely and will show up once washed as a background of sorts..  Then I also just finished this sashing…

Just 5 blocks, 3 sashings like the one above.. and one wide sashing left on the center of this quilt… hopefully October will find me with MORE time to get this quilt closer to finished as well!!!

Here is was as just a flimsly… now all the center vertical section is done… except the wide sashing on the center right.. and all the left side is done except the lower left block… that is what I will be focusing on next!!

And if you are needing some fun pieced inspiration.. here are a few things I see finding a way into my future projects..

 Above is a “T” square block.. it reminds me of my daisy if done in a bit different colors…

And this is a few blocks from a free pattern on Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltiville… Open Studio page.. love this design…

 And here is a quilt my sweet DIL Kayla sent me to inspire me on a quilt she wants for my grandson (her child) CJ…

this is a baby quilt and I want his designed more along these lines for a center and add fun blocks around it.. she enjoys modern so I am open to ideas you all may have …

I am more into traditional things… lol!

And this piece just wows me!  It ws done by my fb friend Andi Perejda.. and is just breathtaking to me that she did this…

the texture her handquilting adds to the applique is just amazing to me!!!  She had a Hand Quilting class on Craftsy.. if interested message me and I can forward you a link or just go on Craftsy and search “Andi” to find it under classes.. well worth the money.. but wait for a sale for a better price too!! lol  I continue to learn.. but have requested an advanced class from her via Craftsy after seeing this piece… I couldn’t even imagine coming up with this design of hand quilting on my own!  And it is basic echo and such with areas left unquilting for the leaves.. love that!!!

My Nanny (paternal grandmother) turned 97 years young on September 22!  What an accomplishment!

She is still very clear headed with a great memory and lively conversation was had the day of her birthday too!  So happy she is doing so well!!!

I really have been living a life I could be proud of as of late.. and found lots of inspiration in this saying…

 I find it very true!

So happy I am back to my blog… please take time to leave a comment if you made it this far.. we can always use an encouraging word now and then.. I am in need of that today!

Have a blessed rest of your week/weekend!  Until I can post again…

3 thoughts on “October… Already?!!!

  1. Deb A

    What a great post Kathi. Looks like you have been very busy lately and have lots of pretty pictures to show for it. I am so happy we are in a new month – September was so hectic I hope to get more slow relaxing stitching in this month. Take care.


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I love that quilt in yellow with the flowers – great work!! yes watch for the sales on Craftsy for classes (and fabric) you can get them half price at times and don't forget the fabric sales at black Friday in November LOL — your DIL seems to have different taste then you – I'm not sure how to combine a modern design with playful for a baby – you will need to search pinterest and other sites – try the Fat Quarter Shop – they have tons of patterns on line, maybe you can get some ideas


  3. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I loved the last day of summer/first day of fall pic … oh what I wouldn't give to be out there on the beach today. Although I'm guessing that most of the east coast is getting rain, thanks to Joaquin? I'm not much help either when it comes to anything modern. My tastes are much more toward traditional. Glad you're going to have some more blogging time.



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