Whooping a NEW BEGINNING!!!

Hey there from my sweet grandkids…
From my home… here is CJ at 14 months old….

 And via Facebook and Tennessee here is sweet Kaydence I have yet to focus my camera or kisses on yet! lol  She is 2 months already too!!!

It has been a while since I have had a post that made me wanna whoop really… at least around a Friday! lol  Cue Sarah at Confessions of a Febric Addicts Friday linky party… check her out HERE!

So what am I whooping besides the worlds cutest grandkids a Grammy could ask for??? lol

My new beginning quilt I showed you here last week

… and in this shot I was ready to quilt on my new desk my honey made me too!

Well…. I love the quilt and I love Love LOVE the desk!!!  It rolls and it is a nice large 16″ x 42″ top… my honey picked out all the wood special for this project and the casters work great on the tile floor too!  It has a shelf on the bottom for current supplies and for a place or me to prop my feet when I am in depth quilting 🙂

Superb is my review of having a desk to set my hoop on and use to work off of! 🙂  Love it for my style!  Home Run Honey 😀

As far as my progress… it has been stellar too…

Here is the center block… about 16″ x 24″ background block size… it is a rabbit jumper from when Kimber’s daughter was about 18 months old…

 Here you can see some of the blue lines I haven’t sprintzed out but you can see the design better this way… all lines are gone now though ! lol  This tshirt was one of Kimber’s favorites… she said her daughter was truly a little chatterbox! 🙂

 And here is how I start each outfit… with a picture and add drawing on my iPad.. not sure i I endorse any program for this topic yet… Do you have a fave one that draws easily on photos… and lets you type in a title like I have done here????

This dress above is one of Kaylie’s baby dresses.. note we were able to leave the buttons on the dress front during piecing and my quilting plan includes accentuating them.  See… 🙂

Also this week I tried my first paper pieced block…

Yes, it turned out nice.. but boy is it a waste if you are tight on fabric! lol

Also it took me over 2 hours to produce this block after watching a long vid by Carol Doak.

I do like her reasoning and methods.. but it isn’t fun like I like quilting to be for me… I have 3 more blocks to do like this but different “bird” colors…. lol!  We shall see how long that takes 🙂

Another Whoop to share during this last week was that my recent finish wall hanging was featured as the header of one of my facebook hand quilting groups… I don’t frequent it much anymore as it has gotten large and more impersonal.. but I enjoy the eye candy… 

 Imagine how amazed I was to be the giver of the candy for 24 hours of show!  Whoop!

In closing… here is one more pic I found of Kaydence.. taken by a photographer…

 Doesn’t this shot just make you want to smile! 🙂  It sure does me !!!

Have a blessed weekend and until my next post…

3 thoughts on “Whooping a NEW BEGINNING!!!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I hadn't seen you much on the quilting group on line that we are both in and wondered why – yes it is getting larger and I thought the idea behind the start up of it was to remain a small intimate group! disappointing I'm not on it a lot anymore either.Love the photos of the little ones and hope you get to see the baby soon. Nice quilts and love your new table/desk


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Your little cuties are adorable! Being a grandma is the best thing ever! I agree about HQA. I thought that they were going to keep the group small and intimate. Being so busy and the larger size of the group has kept me from being as active as I had been. (But like you, I do enjoy the eye candy!!)



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