Rustic Bulls Eye ~ A FINISH!!!

Yep… by Sunday night I was looking at this…

 The left side of this shot shows where I started on the border.. and on the right side of the picture is where I am coming back around my starting point 🙂  Yippee!
I am definitely glad I did all the border in 1 swipe like I did… I did get some comments on that last time… but I would definitely do a border like this again and do it the way I did this so it all gets done at once 🙂

I finished up that border Monday morning… then while everyone was asleep (I wake EARLY!) …. I sewed on the binding I had made up a few weeks back just for this project.. I had “borrowed a bit to test out a featherweight for my honey but not much… look at what I had left!!

 The unusable selvedge!  Can you believe I had JUST ENOUGH to bind this quilt without adding more.  Praise God!!!

Once it was sewn to the front it was time to hand stitch it to the back… This really hurts my left thumb a lot so it took me 2 days to bind this little wall hanging ! lol

Tuesday evening rolled around and  I finally was at a point to remove the worst of the pencil marks in preparation for washing this cute quilt! 😉

 I use a formula available google search online and keep it in the bottle of expensive stuff that works but I bought before I knew a much more economical way to remove heavy handed pencil marks… and my dollar store toothbrush does the trick quite quickly laid out on the kitchen counter in nice bright light!

Finally it is washing away and comes out of the washer completely pencil free and BEAUTIFUL!!!!   So pop it into the dryer for just a bit and I take it out to hang dry overnight!  MISTAKE!

You will see how it hangs… I love it but will be rewashing it and blocking it! lol  Lesson learned for a wall hanging!

Meanwhile… as it is drying and I sleep I wake Wednesday with a brainstorm of an idea… Connie made this top for my birthday present, I added borders, backing, and 2 layers of batting and quilted it uniquely… why not keep this piece as a favorite and add MY FIST APPLIQUE & EMBROIDERY to it….

 Hope you can see this close up…
I NEEDLE TURN Appliqued both circles … First I appliqued the black plaid by simply marking a removable line around a rx bottle top of my daughters… trimmed to a scant 1/4″ and did it easy as pie!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??!!!!  Okay it isn’t perfect and I had perfect circles too but didn’t want that… this is a rustic piece and I wanted this to be natural looking… I think I accomplished that 🙂

 Here is another vie of the label embroidered with the dark grey variegated thread I used in this piece… and finally for you to enjoy is my favorite wall hanging to date!!!!

Meet Rustic Bulls Eye !!!!

 And this is where this wall hanging will reside…

above a collection of antique oil cans and a Willcox and Gibbs sewing machine all that my honey cherishes and sitting on a Martha Washington cabinet with and eBay find lace scarf that looks custom made!  All in all a great look I think!

Other than the wave that blocking should take care of… what do you all think?
Is this worthy of putting in Amy’s Fall quilt festival??

 As soon as I grabbed this shot I had to go pick up my daughter and run some errands.. in fact I was a tad behind because I got so caught up in getting pics and admiring the finish.. I truly can’t believe I did that! lol

For the books… it’s final measurement is 35 1/4″ x 36 1/2″ long.. it started out 38″ square.

Anyway.. when I got back a couple hours later… look what was waiting or me…

 This is my space outside where I quilt.. I used a chair to set my quilting in beside me to hold the bulk of it and to lean on as I hold a 16″ laptop hoop… I love this method for me… Aaanyway, my honey made this table to my specifications (it is on wheels, has a foot rest, is my requested height and no spurs/rough spots noted anywhere!!!) and swept my corner up and declared this table now usable (he finished it a few days ago but it needed to cure before coming out in the humid environment I sew in).  He loves for me to give him a project or idea he can run with… this is one nice piece of furniture too… I love it…

See how I will use it??

I am mongo excited about all this… hope you don’t find me boastful or proud here… I am truly just ecstatic to have so much accomplished… and to be starting on Kimber’s Memory Quilt too!

Hope you have a stellar week & weekend… I am planning on linking this finish and I look forward to replying to each of your comments on this post 🙂

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Until my next post…

10 thoughts on “Rustic Bulls Eye ~ A FINISH!!!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Woo hoo!!! Yay for a finish, Kathy! And the spot where it's hanging is just perfect! And now on to that Memory Quilt! What a blessing it must be to have a handyman in residence. No boasting or pridefulness – just ecstatic appreciation for the labors of your sweetie.


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    every thing is worth putting in Amy's quilt festival because it is not a juried show. It is just individuals that vote on that – It depends on how much you mention it on your own blog and advertise it. I hope you got all the pencil marks out of it I never use pencil because I don't want to scrub it.


  3. CathieJ

    Rustic Bulls Eye is gorgeous. Hooray for the finish. I really love the table your honey made. You are two very talented people. Enjoy stitching the Memory Quilt.


  4. Deb A

    Congrats on the finish – it is beautiful with your hand quilting. I'll have to search on that pencil remover. I just used pencil to mark a border… but too hot to start quilting on it yet. Has your honey though of a block of wood with cuts in it to store rulers upright? Might be something to keep him busy for maybe 10 minutes! =) and maybe sell in his store.


  5. Quilting Babcia

    Kathi, this quilt is just wonderful, and a perfect accompaniment to your vintage sewing machine, oil cans and that sweet sewing stand. That table looks perfect for so many uses in the sewing room. Pretty too, lucky you!


  6. Quilter Kathy

    Congratulations on finishing the bulls eye, and even has a great label too! It looks quite happy in that spot with the vintage sewing machine and oil cans… a lovely display. Love how the quilting shows up in the photographs!


  7. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Your wall hanging looks great Kathi! The colors in it really look nice with the decor! I have never run into a problem with pencil marks. I use a mechanical pencil that Sue Garman suggested on her blog. But I do throw my quilts in the washer and use detergent on them when I wash them. Looking forward to how you will quilt the memory quilt!



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