Happy Birthday month continues… and Progress on the border :)

July is the Birthday month in our home…

my honey celebrated his year to be equal to a deck of cards (52) ….

… and playing with a sewing machine! lol 

But my daughter is 17 TODAY!!  Yesterday was her friend party and here is a collage I made of the shots she allowed paparazzi! lol

Meanwhile I have been helping in all the festivities and quilting in all my free time!!!

I am now 3/4 of the way around the border 🙂

You can see the variety of threads and needles I am using… plus some other tools too!  I use the hemostats as a needle puller for thick spots and because that perle 8 cotton is kinda tough to pull through several stitches sometimes! lol  And that Clover thimble is quickly becoming a fave 🙂  Kudos go to Wendy for the suggestion on trying this style!!!

Here on the right is me finishing a row of stitching… 5 needles threaded to have their turn before I move the hoop again 🙂

Here on the left you can see one I moved the hoop after finishing the dark grey scallop above… you can see my 5 threads much easier…

And now all that remains is that final 1/4 of the border.. then binding and deciding which side is up … maybe after washing??  and add the hanging sleeve then 🙂

Meanwhile, I am planning out the french braid table topper.  Here is the center that will be set on point for the table topper…

This center was also part of my birthday from Connie… she used leftovers from the wall hanging to make this 🙂  And I want it to be cool and used and enjoyed!  So I went looking for french braid how to vids and who did I find but Jenny Doan of MSQC fame!!!

 She calls it a Scrappy Table runner I think HERE!  But this is my basic idea… I have more things going on too though… lol!  But her tutorial easily balances the idea with my ideas too!  So I am excited in the future to see this happen too!

So that is what have been up to this week!  How about you?

Well Kathy finished a mini quilt this week.. go check out her blog.. and if you blog write one and link up!!!  We all wanna know what you have been up to 🙂  I am linking with her too!

So until my next post…

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday month continues… and Progress on the border :)

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Now that I see the appliqued piece that will be the center for your runner, it's going to be fabulous! I LOVE it!! Wow, a whole lot of birthday love in your household this month. I'll bet you are all \”caked out\”. ha!



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