Bulls Eye Progress and a Kaydence Sighting!!!

Let me start with the Kaydence siting.. I got these from facebook on Father’s day and love this shot they shared…

Then I saw is a great 3 week old shot… mom is reading to her darling daughter.. isn’t Kaydence beautiful!!!

And I didn’t do any editing to these because I love them as they display them and share them… hopefully professional shots will follow soon enough! lol   Kaydence siting are becoming like seeing the Princess herself I think! ha 🙂

And on Thursday I got to see my Prince CJ!!!

 He is just so much fun to play with and so easy to keep!!!

Okay … enough gushing grammy stuff.. 

I did manage to get some hand quilting done… last weekend I was on block 4 of this quilt and this weekend I have made it to block 8 of Rustic Bulls Eye wall hanging… 

Here is block 7 completed…

Loving the texture this adds!  It will really rock the wall it adorns when finished for sure!!!

Linking this post to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday… will add the link when the linky opens right here 😉 …

Here is the 8th block with this gorgeous Valdani perle cotton, my hemostats, big needle and thimble… all the accoutrements to fulfill this job… except I let out my needle threader that is VITAL! lol

 Connie comes tomorrow… we will leave out about 8 am to meet her at the airport a couple hours away.. I am VERY excited to see her and spend 5 wonderful days making a quilt for a friend who is grieving the loss of her daughter and is in need of the comfort of a handmade quilt… here are some of the clothes we will be using from her daughter…

Kimber’s daughter was 8 years old when she left this world suddenly after getting ill… it was heart wrenching for Kimber.. and these are her fave memories that remain… this is not to be a somber quilt but a bright blue and bright pink lively loving quilt..

Want more details… stay tuned 🙂  You will know more as this quilt develops during Connie’s visit… this is our project during her visit.. and some hand stitching time of course! lol

So what are you up to this weekend?

Hope you can make sure whatever you do you take time to …

7 thoughts on “Bulls Eye Progress and a Kaydence Sighting!!!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    If you can't see that little cutie in person, then those photos are the next best thing. 😉 And you do have your little prince to love on in the meantime. Your wall hanging in coming along nicely. I can't wait to see what magic you and Connie create – have fun!


  2. Little Penpen

    Love the baby sightings! They had no idea how perfect that pic would be of them in front of the red and white curtain! I love that pic!!!! So sorry you and your friend are making such a sad quilt, but the little girl's mom will cherish it forever. ((hugs))


  3. Deb A

    Enjoy your time with your friend this week. Sounds like a very rewarding project you will be working on together. Love the grand baby shots – very special.



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