Rustic Bulls Eye wall hanging update and MORE!

Wowee!! It has been a busy week here at Casa Del Loro… I finally got a proper 1 year old shot of CJ

 This is their fave shot of the 3 of them… my son DL, CJ and CJ’s mom Kayla… she made the letters spelling out his age too!

Then I played with it on my iPad and came up with this….

Doesn’t show mom, papa, or the “ONE” much.. but I do like it… and I love photo editing him too! lol

I have been hand quilting .. big stitch style on my Rustic Bulls Eye wall hanging…

Above it is in my hoop.. working on the 4th bulls eye.

And here is an overview of my progress…

Can you see a difference in those center 4 bulls eyes ???

Here is a texture shot and a close up in one…

I am really happy with how this project is coming along… homespuns ravel… especially in this application… but this will have fond memories and be versatile with all our home.. so all this time spent quilting through 2 layers of batting is worth it right??

I am dedicating this quilty part of my post to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday HERE!

My honey finished the living room wainscoting process.. pictures will come next week but we are very pleased with the end result and how quickly we have acclimated to it just being there as part of our home 🙂

He has been working on featherweight sewing machines this week…

 And my friend Debbie dropped in with her furry friend Tebow 🙂

Tebow is camera shy but Debbie got caught up in the excitement and let me snap this shot for my phone 🙂  Now I can see her lovely face when she is calling!!! 🙂

I have also been working in the background on Kimber’s memory quilt… and my secret project too!!!

So much going on here… and only so much time to share it all! lol

Have a blessed week ahead… I am counting down 7 days now until Connie comes for a 5 day visit!!!

Do you have any plans for the summer??

10 thoughts on “Rustic Bulls Eye wall hanging update and MORE!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    no plans for the summer while hubby is working but we will take a fall trip when he will be off for a month. the summer will be spent hanging around the house and doing things at home. your son's family is wonderful – enjoy the baby years while you can – they grow so fast don't they!


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    That wall quilt is turning out fantastic! You will be so proud (and deservedly so) when you've got it finished and hanging. I love the photo editing you did. I'll bet you're excited that Connie will be there soon.



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