Rustic Bulls Eye ~ 1 block done :)

 And I am loving it!!!!

My new project and some of my tools for the job at hand! lol

You see… once upon a time I had an idea that I couldn’t make come to life.. but my friend Connie had the patience and the book… and had taught classes even using this pattern as a full quilt…

Well I wanted a wall hanging of it… I want if to use in my kitchen for now

and maybe somewhere else later… it is a very versatile piece for my home… could even fit my foyer which has some minimalist decor! lol  Look for yourself!

So she made the wall hanging and mailed it to me… I put it up on my design board and played on a few apps on the iPad until I had this little mock up of Rustic Bulls Eye 🙂

Yep.. I decided it needed borders to breath then a darker binding… add some buttons for effect and quilt using Perle cottons 🙂  The circles of the bulls eyes are homespun but the varying gray backgrounds are quilting cotton… from our stashes and her LQS 🙂

So earlier this week I got busy and added mitered borders using this GREAT youtube vid !

then I marked it… here is the stencil I chose for my border and I mimic the corner design where the center of each line is…

wait til I get to my ideas on this border!  You will LOVE IT!!!!

Then I sewed on the buttons so all the varigated perle cotton in red/pink was knotted to the flimsy only on the front.. my thought on this is that even though it does create something to hang your thread on it won’t tuft into the batting layers… yep… layers… I am using one cotton batting layer and one wool batting layer so this baby is extra thick to sew on by hand!!!

Above I have just started my circles in the circles 🙂 lol … but you can see the buttons and the threads and tools I am using in this shot.. I am using Valdani perle cottons and YLI 40/3.. I will DEFINITELY be using my new thimble … and HAPPY to have that … and needles I can thread … with the help of my handy needle threader (forgot to get a shot of it this time)!

Here is the border and buttons added… and all marking done ready to pin baste…

This was also my first time trying out my new Kwik Klip for closing the safety pins I use for basting…

 There are great directions on the back side of the package too…

My review is very favorable.. I paid $6 or so for this little tool and it is sooo worth it to safely and quickly and without discomfort I pinned this 40″ square quilt myself with no help 🙂  Usually I recruit my honey or daughter to close the pins… not any more! lol

So far this is my progress in my hoop… just barely (remember I have 2 layers of batting all around to consider! lol).

One block is done … I have just recently rehooped and have started on the second one… I have 16 total and the border to do… this will be a FUN project though… and should go fast I hope 🙂  As fast as hand quilting goes! lol

Otherwise we have been busy with CJ…

Here he has cheerios hidden under his legs as we play peek a boo with them!  Fun times 🙂

Around Casa Del Loro my honey has been adding wainscoting to the living room to match the foyer I showed you above…

All the white is considered a trim moulding called wainscot. It is VERY labor intensive but other than industrial and engine maintenance my honey also is a finish carpenter by trade! I am soooo blessed!

Hope whatever you have planned for your weekend… makes you smile at least once a day!  And on Sunday come check out what Kathy is up to HERE for Slow Sunday Stitching ya’ll!

Until my next post,

10 thoughts on “Rustic Bulls Eye ~ 1 block done :)

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I have a Kwik Klip but I haven't used it yet. I wonder if it will work for the shorter basting pins that I use (it looks like you use the larger pins). That wainscoting is looking fabulous! How lucky you are that your guy is so handy.


  2. CathieJ

    Rustic bulls-eye is looking great. I love the way you are quilting it. I really like all that wainscoting also. I have always thought that it is a beautiful room accent.



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