Why do you craft?

I have been crafty all my life I think… but since I found quilting in 2011 I have fallen so overwhelmingly in love with it… and I found this pic recently that really sums up how I feel about it…

You see my grandmother quilted a bit.. the only one in my family I remember quilting anyway… and me and her were very close as I was growing up…

So even though I didn’t quilt with her I feel her presence with me… and I remember her embroidery tips and such.. such a beautiful memory for sure as my grandmother is now gone from this earth.

So my questions to you are ….

Why do you craft ??  

What is your favorite craft??  

Why is that your favorite??

My favorite craft is quilting.  I hand quilt for the enjoyment of it.  It is therapeutic for me!
Now it is your turn… leave your answer in the comment area below so we can all share your passion with you !
Until my next post..

6 thoughts on “Why do you craft?

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    for creativity, relaxation, I have always been attracted to some kind of craft even as a child and I had no one else in the family that did this – my mom made clothing out of necessity and as soon as I showed that I was willing to make my own clothes that went to me. still today, I know of no one else in my extended family that makes things on a regular basis,


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    My crafting obsession is quilting. I've always done some kind of needlework … embroidery, Swedish embroidery, crewel work, cross stitching, counted cross stitching, garment making, but my heart now belongs to quilting. I quilt to relax and because I love doing it … and I get a quilt to use/gift, too!


  3. CathieJ

    I craft for the relaxation of it. I feel centered and usually calm when I craft. My main crafts are cross-stitch and crochet. I also love quilting and I dabble in plastic canvas and knitting. I love making keepsakes for my family and friends as well as myself. I get such a grand feeling of accomplishment when I finish a project that I am proud of .


  4. Deb A

    I saw this yesterday but had to think of my answer! I originally liked to craft (knit) while watching tv -if I knit then it seemed like I was actually accomplishing something with all that time. I did some word working and painting making christmas ornaments with a friend and kept doing different things my Mom would find or want done and figured it out. A counted cross stitch she never could figure out – how to crochet the tops of the kitchen towels to hang on the stove, etc. It grew into quilting when I graduated from college to make myself a double bed size trip around the world. Quilting is my main craft right now. I craft for relaxation and sanity. Somehow if it has been a rough week or I have not quilted or crafted for a few days, as soon as I start I feel the stress going away and I'm relaxing with my fabrics. I tend to do quilting right now but I pick my craft based on my mood or what I have prepped. The knitting needles and yarn went to girl scouts last night – I was just in the mood to knit! Great questions and hope you are not getting all the rain we are today. Looks like a great day to sew!


  5. Little Penpen

    One of my grandmothers was a crafter of all sorts. She made quilts (utilitarian) , but each time we would visit, I was always excited to see what she had been 'playing with' since I had seen her last. She used to paint glass bottles, make the little sequin covered calendars, fruit, etc, she made wonky stuffed animals (I remember the year she gave each grandchild one for Christmas, and how disappointed my brothers were…lol), When we would visit that grandma, we were made to sit properly on the sofa and not be loud. The kids weren't really involved in the visit, so I never got to really touch her beautiful (to me) work. But I was always longing to play with the things she played with. I remember really really really wanting to paint a bottle. lol My mom would buy me little crafting things, mostly pre stamped embroidery, and I loved shopping for those things. It was such a treasure to have my own little sewing \”kit\”. Through the years, I have done cross stitch, simple crochet (which I no longer know how to do), made rag dolls, (which are still a fav. of mine), embroidery, made curtains, simple baby clothing, woven baskets, and quilting…. quilting is my truest passion, as it is always what I come back to do! I wish I were more disciplined to quilt away my spare hours, because I have so many ideas in my brain. I will never be able to complete them all before I die. ;))



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