Spring Cleaning and a bit of Quilting too!

This past week we finished the kitchen floor!!!

and enjoyed a nice quiet Sunday.   I got up and made coffee…

and enjoyed looking at my favorite tile in the whole room!!!

Why is this my fave tile???  It is my favorite because it is the only tile my honey chose in the whole room and it was the EXACT tile I had planned to put there!!!  Don’t you love it when little moments happen like that in a relationship?!!!  I sure do 😉

Above is the other side of the floor near our much more compact kitchen table and bench 🙂

But here is the spot that has now glaring become apparent it needs something to me…

The spot over the bench is DESOLATE!!!  I need to bring some color and flavor into this room… so I called up my friends and brainstormed away and in the end….  my friend Connie is gonna fashion a top about 36″ square and I will quilt it… I know what the basic look will be.. however ours will be completely different colors… and I want you to enjoy the surprise of getting a quilt top to quilt… I will also be using double batting to hand quilt this quilt with big stitch style.. but that is all I know currently.  It may be a while before I get this top from Connie.. as she works full time and has a full time life outside of work as well.. quilting is her stress reliever when she can make time… but I am very excited and at rest now knowing that it will be totally made for this spot by Connie too!

As I was pondering this problem.. before it got solved that is… I have been really quilting away between cleaning and moving furniture and dusting and such…

I have been working on quilting my wholecloth quilt… I have finished all the flowers and am working on the greenery surrounding the flowers now.. then I will come in with a natural colored YLI thread and do all the cross lines… it will be totally fab!!! I am really enjoying this process…

Yesterday the carpets all got finished being washed (tiling indoors creates a lot of dust!)… and we hadn’t moved furniture to clean carpets we realized since we had moved in over 2 years ago!!! Oh my!!!  So here is our living room today…

 My dd has a few things still left out on the tables.. and the sofa table needs to be properly decorated but we are unsure what is right for that space currently… so an updated pic will follow in a future post 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed this peek into our busy world!  Until my next post…

5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and a bit of Quilting too!

  1. Deb A

    The tile looks great! It reminds me I really need to mop floors since they have been a wee bit neglected the last two weeks. Outside work needs to get done first though – too bad the riding lawn mower quit working =(. I am back to the push mower and it has been 9 years since I used it last at my old house before I met Greg. Much hotter down here in Florida and a lot more lawn. I see a trip to buy a new riding one in our near future. The surprise of the quilt would have me bugging her constantly! I could see a nice sunny single sunflower rising out of a pot on that wall…… but that is just me. I seem to be in an applique mood.


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Do I see the valance you made a while back in the room off to the right? 😉 Your tile looks fabulous – well done, you two! That's a cozy living room. I'm really enjoying your progress on your wholecloth quilt. I'm going to keep searching for that in a crib size or smaller size. In the meantime, I'll keep plenty busy with all the quilts on my list. 😉



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