Kaydence’s Baby Quilt Update ~ Center DONE :)

I am so excited all the center of Kaydence’s Baby Quilt is done 🙂  I finished up this morning!

I love how the Perle 12 white cotton thread looks in the raspberry batik border 🙂  And the cross hatch will add lots of dimension to the charm squares when washed…

Do you think about how you quilt will look when washed when you are planning your quilting design?  

Do you think of support stitching when making your quilting design plan?

I had several convo’s after my last post on support stitches… this is like “stitching in the ditch” or stitching 1/4″ away from a seam … either of these extra stitch types will add “support” to your quilt and your quilting design!

I try to plan my quilting design as I am making a quilt so I can iron the top the way I want my ditches… so in this flimsy…

I ironed all my seams toward the borders … knowing I would stitch with white thread “in the ditch” (the ditch is typically the side without seams in it so it lays lower after washing if stitched there).

Here is my stitching in the ditch on the center square…

I chose this pic to show you how the right side of this seam (where my needle is) is the “ditch” side of the seam… it lays lower as the seams are nested on the left side of the seam 🙂
Here is a close up where you can see the cross hatched center well and how I dealt with my corners…

I think it turned out totally fabulous and I hope as I continue working on this quilt I continue to get warm fuzzy feelings growing for this little baby girl to be!

Have a blessed day whatever you do… hope you make time to take a few stitches if you can!

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