Slow Stitching and LOVING IT!

Earlier this week I finished piecing this cute little 42″ square flimsy for my first grandchild to be… due the end of May 🙂  You are welcome to read more about that in my last blog post HERE 😉

 And here is a side view of that flimsy on my design wall… isn’t it fun!

 Here is the backing I pieced as well… their theme is Owls…

 I think I got that going on in this girly quilt!! lol

So next up is MARKING the quilt top for this quilt to be…

 I used graphite (like pencil lead but I think it washes out easier) and white ceramic lead as well for the darker blocks… if you look closely at the pic above you will see white orange peels drawn on the raspberry border 😉

Well I finished that up Valentine’s Day morning ….

 Here is what me and my dd woke too…

I got the chocolate that is a tradition for me and my honey >>>>>>

<<<<<<<<My dd got candy, chocolate AND a balloon too!  Thanks to my honey and me 🙂

So now with all the marking done and Valentine’s being enjoyed my honey kindly offered to help with the pinning process… he knows it is my least favorite part but vitally important to a nice square quilt in the end 🙂

Here is a close up I took during pinning of the cross hatched center I am just finishing and again you can see the light white lines here better for the orange peel design in this border.. I will be using Perle 12 cotton for that in white as well 🙂

 And by 1 pm I had this quilt in the hoop!!!!

 I also got a couple of deliveries yesterday… I have been wanting a Kwik Klip to see if it aids in the pinning process… unfortunately that and the new brass pins I got were delivered AFTER this quilt was done with that… so it will be ready for a test run on the next quilt I pin baste! lol

 Here is my progress this morning … all the cross hatched center is done and I am now doing the support stitching around the square 🙂 

 Next up will be that luscious raspberry border!!!

Thread wise I am using YLI 40/3 in white for all the charm square cross hatching… I am using perle 12 cotton in white on the raspberry border and a gorgeous raspberry thread I shared in my delivery shot from yesterday… my fave for hand quilting… Aurifil 28/2.

Do you have fave things you use when hand quilting?  

I love thread so much my honey is making me a storage case for all my thread… I don’t have a ton of it.. but I think I will! lol

Today I am linking this hand quilty blog post to Kathy’s Quilts .. Slow Stitching Sunday as she encourages us to share hand quilting!

6 thoughts on “Slow Stitching and LOVING IT!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I too would like to know how the Kwik Klip works for you. I bought one, but to be honest, I keep forgetting to grab it when I pin. I really don't have too much trouble working the pins (I use fairly small ones) … but I wonder if the KKs would make the process easier. Hope you enjoy your day of stitching!


  2. CathieJ

    I just pin basted my table runner. I was planning on machine quilting it, but I am wondering whether I should hand quilt it instead. I like your quilting. I have never heard of support stitching before. Is that done in the ditch or right next to it? Enjoy your stitching!


  3. Deb A

    Love your quilting designs! Have fun quilting that special quilt. DH threw me for a loop with swapping a few more rooms over the next week….which means it will take me a couple weeks to figure out my new area. Total disaster in the house right now…who knew I had so much stuff in there! Hehehe…. I don't think I'll need to shop for a long time.



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