Finally the blue machine is home :)

There is a huge whoop I wanna share… but there is a back story to it.  Please read along if you like 🙂

October 27, 2014 we sold this Singer Featherweight on eBay and shipped it the next day to the lucky winning bidder…

Unfortunately it was our first casualty during shipping and got tossed hard along it’s path and ended up completely damaged.  UPS was our shipper… and the store we used was a UPS franchise here local to us.  So November 4 the customer received the then damaged machine and notified us… we then contacted UPS.  The next day our customer took the machine to UPS Claims department.  All bubbling right along right??

Wrong.. UPS denied the claim initially and said we hadn’t packed it properly.. however we knew it to be packed well when it left our care so we asked them to appeal it… that took 2 weeks to get started by our franchise store… no one else is allowed to handle the situation when you use UPS franchise except the franchise… CRAZY!!!!

So we refund our client after a few days as we can see this isn’t gonna be a fast resolution… They paid $729.00 for this beauty and it’s accessories after shipping was included.  Our customer left us glowing feedback on eBay and found a painted machine local I believe…

As for us???

We just got resolution yesterday completely (YES.. THAT IS 3 MONTHS LATER) … and now that machine above sits in our Sewing Room

as it’s final resting place as it was too damaged to work anymore but will make for good memories, lessons learned as well!

Besides having a little story telling here to remember why I won’t use a local franchise UPS for shipping in the future and to warn you as well how they actually work since I have had to learn the last 3 months… with the resolution yesterday I also posted on google and yelp my dissatisfaction so others new to town as we were won’t choose that option if they can help it … or at least have the facts.

Have you ever left comments on places like that about products you buy or regret buying???

I find the online comments entertaining at times but overall helpful.  So I have also left feedback on some of the doctors and other services we use that are available for commenting on… to help future shoppers.

I have been quite busy on the handquilting front too and should be close to a finish on the Vintage Stars Wall Hanging I feel like I have been working on for quite a while… it has always been my in-between project for some reason! lol

 Here you can see in my hoop this area I just finished…

I have heard concern from many of you that you feel pounce powder wipes off easily… I apply liberally and firmly over the stencil and still have noted lines left after quilting and rubbing against it… so I don’t agree … I do feel HOW you apply it really matters.

I live in a humid environment so it works well for me here also … better than the blue pens as they disappear in a day or less usually … so in using pounce a lot I have a better idea of how to mark with it… Hope this extra explanation helps anyone wanting to try it!

Happy Stitches!  And dont forget to…

5 thoughts on “Finally the blue machine is home :)

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I can't believe that I just now saw this … I wonder why it never appeared in my reader?? What a shame about that machine being damaged in transit … and what a pain to have to wait 3 whole months for you all to be made whole. That's just not right … although I'm glad to hear that you finally got a favorable resolution. I wonder if the nearby UPS store is a franchise or not … how can you tell? I admit that I'm not very good at following up on reviews … I need to do better (I wonder if it's too late to go back to the sites like Etsy and leave a review?) … after all I rely on reviews myself.


  2. Little Penpen

    Well, what a story! that poor machine has had its journey, hasn't it? It is very pretty and I'm glad it is now home with you and all is well. I've never used the powder for quilting, but can see how it would be a life saver for dark fabrics.


  3. Daytona Damsel

    Wow, three months. I wondered how they would handle shipping something that delicate. Now I know. I too review local and not local businesses as I rely on them when purchasing. I find some people are expecting too much but most give reasonable feedback.



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