A Binding Quandary

WARNING… LOW PICTURE VOLUME POST… but some good info here 🙂

So not many pictures but I want to explain my binding quandary on this valance…

You see it stayed on my design wall unbound for a few days as I researched how to best bind the bottom zig zagged edge!  I posed the question to my fave quilty facebook group Bias or Straight… Single or Double on the binding???

I found a YouTube vid by Marci Baker that was VERY good in my opinion… which suggests straight binding HERE
Bonnie Hunter states on her Quiltville page that straight binding should be used and even gives detailed instructions at the bottom of THIS page… under irregular bindings.

So in the end… with LOTS of opinions running through my head and advice from my 2 go to ladies as well… I decided to try a sample first… so I made a quilt sandwich out of the cut off edges after trimming the valance down and cut a strip across the wof… my thought was cross grain cuts like this give you some give but not a lot of give…. bias would have had a lot of give to it and straight grain would have NO stretch to it…

Well the test was a success!!! So I cut five 2 1/2″ strips the WOF and away I went! 

If you can believe it without doing all the math not one seam from those 5 pieces wound up in a zig zag or a corner!!!  Mega happy about that too!

So I am sharing all this so you will have the info and you can see experimenting with quilting is FUN!

To see the end result I will post later today when it is hung in place and the sun is out :)… Until then!


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