Inner border COMPLETE!

Yes, in between playing with Gloria (my Singer 301A) I have been getting in some slow stitching too this weekend and completed the inner border of Wish Upon a Vintage Star Wall Hanging 🙂  Yippee!!!

It was a stencil I traced with a wash away blue water marker but the joins at the middle of each side of the border required some finessing to blend in…

Here is a closer pic of the top of the quilted section..

And here is a good picture of the bottom of the quilted section..

Needless to say… I am VERY pleased with this outcome… I used DMC Perle 12 cotton on this border stitching with a Dritz #7 Between as it has a larger eye for threading and avoids the drag some other needles do with larger thread.

Next up is the outer border

And this is where I need YOUR advice please…  I will be marking this with Pounce chalk AND using a 16″ lap hoop on the border… for the first time…

First of all where would you start on this quilt?

If you note the pic at the top of this post I was thinking to start on the left hand side and go clockwise around the border… but is this the BEST way to stitch this background on this wide border?

Do I only mark what is going in the hoop at a time?

I am marking with pounce chalk which flakes off easily.. so do I just mark what is about to go in the hoop?  That is what I am thinking seems right here…

What is the best way for keeping the tension even on a border edge in a hoop?

I am thinking of using a dishtowel and pinning it to the edge.. I have seen this done in pics but have never tried it in reality yet… Is this how you quilt your borders or should I just lose the hoop for this part ???

Linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE🙂

And for those who follow me… this package did come in the mail!

Come back Tuesday to see what is up with this project!  I have been keeping Gloria quite busy 🙂

9 thoughts on “Inner border COMPLETE!

  1. Missie of Traditional Primitives

    Very cute! I have a quilt started using a very similar block as you have used. It's such a wonderfully simple block and I love the overall look when it is repeated over and over. When I quilt a border in a hoop, I baste a strip of scrap \”quilt\” that I've prepared just for this purpose. I have 6\” strips left over from a practice quilt and it works really well to keep the new quilt tight in the hoop. I used to use a single layer of fabric, but being that it was so much thinner than the quilt being quilted, it pulled out so quickly. The quilted strips work much better! As for the pounce, it does wipe off so quickly. I have heard you can spray it with hairspray to hold it longer, but please check this out before you give it a try!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I tried pounce chalk once and threw it away – it was very messy, I tried the hair spray trick and it did help a little bit but I didn't want to use it – I rather use chalk pencil. I use a dish towel basted to the quilt for edges if I am using a hoop or I toss the hoop aside and use nothing. As far as the stencil I would start in the middle and work my way out – but that is me. I never seem to follow the \”rules\” so I could be wrong on how you should do it.


  3. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I purposely leave enough batting and backing that I can use my regular hoop along the border/outside blocks. I pin the edges of the quilt top to the batting and backing so the top will be stretched out adequately (loosely). I remove pins as necessary if I'm quilting all the way to the edge. If you look at the picture I included in today's blog post, you can see a glimpse of what I'm talking about (you can click on the picture to get a larger, better view). It's a lot less bothersome than pinning or basting on a towel, and I felt that it holds quite well enough for me to quilt that area as well as any other area of the quilt. As far as marking, I mark as I go and may not always get the marked area quilted in one sitting. I need something to mark that will stay on the fabric until I'm done with that area. I use the Sewline mechanical marking pencils (in white or pink), and unless I get way too heavy handed, the marks are almost imperceptible by the time I'm done quilting. And they wash out easily. If I'm quilting a border, I usually start in the middle of the border. I don't know if that is the best way to do it, but it's the way I've always done it and it seems to work ok.


  4. Quilter Kathy

    I usually make my backing bigger enough on all sides so there is fabric to go in the hoop when quilting the borders. But I have also pinned a towel along the edge when I didn't have enough… it works well. I haven't used a pounce so can't give any advice about that. But I would probably start in the bottom right corner and go clockwise.Enjoy! Thanks for linking up!


  5. Jill

    Personally, I quilt from the center out, I mark as I go. I am assuming the the backing is not wide enough to go in hoop along outer edges; therefore, the dishtowel shortcut may work. Relax and enjoy.


  6. Vivian

    Definitely go for the dish towel for helping to hold that border edge in place. The few times I have hand quilted, I found you really needed something to keep the quilt edge away from the edge of your hoop (and more towards the center of it) to keep your stitches there even. If you do a lot of hand quilting and have (or have access to) old issues of Quilters Newsletter magazine, you might want to one day make a \”Hoop Cap\” for your hoop as seen in issue #283 June 1996. If I had known about the dishcloth fix back in the day I'd have probably done that too but admit I like the way the cap looks on the hoop when it's empty and it serves the same purpose as the dish towel. Kudos on all the lovely stitching work you've done so far!



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