Ending the year in a quilty way :)

How are you ending your year?  What are your plans??

Mine include getting settled into my new sewing room I got for Christmas (thanks to my grown son’s moving out mid December)!! 

Love that fresh buttercream paint in the room 🙂

And some slow stitching…

and some piecing too!

First up is my slow stitching project that I have been working on more focused since I finished the Byrum Family Quilt.  Here it is in my hoop…

I have 3 of the 6 stars quilted using DMC Perle 12 cotton.. and I am loving the DMC brand a LOT!

Here is a full shot of Wish Upon a Vintage Star Wall Hanging so far…

I have only quilted the cream background and the top 3 stars so far.  Here is a close up shot of those 3 stars…

Forgive my hoop marks and enjoy the quilting please 🙂

During the day at some point I find my way to my new sewing room and make “hexi stars” as the first part of a quilt top… here is a pic of the finished pattern

I love the zig zag edges on the sides and plan to finish mine similarly….

Here is my sewing space in my sewing room how I generally like my set up…

I got to choose where I wanted to be… initally I would take up the whole room… but once I decided on what worked best for my quilting then I decided to split the room with my honey… so this is my side 🙂

I have everything in a semicircle kind of so I can swivel and scoot a bit and be right in front of my ironing table, or my cutting board, or my sewing machine, or my design wall ( which will be stained dark soon to match the sewing machine cabinet 🙂

I love using my vintage iron and my new cutting mat and of course my 301 A Gloria is GRAND! lol

The remote is on the table to control Pandora … I love listening to music when I piece a quilt… it keeps me calm 🙂

So for now I am hand quilting outside and machine piecing inside.. I like the separation of spaces and projects.. plus I have several projects coming up that will interrupt my progress…

Do you follow me?  2015 is gonna be a stellar year for me in quilting.  I would love to have you as a regular reader if you aren’t already 🙂

Have a happy Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy & her linky party HERE!

Until my next post!

6 thoughts on “Ending the year in a quilty way :)

  1. CathieJ

    Your hand quilting is beautiful. I never thought to use DMC cotton as quilting thread. I like that idea. I would love to turn one of my grown children's rooms into my own crafting room, but my husband is resistant to change. The kids come back to visit and need beds to sleep in then. I may start working on my daughter's room soon as she is well and truly living on her own now and unlikely to move back home. Enjoy your space.



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