A Flimsy is born :)

 A Flimsy … (fancy name to me for a quilt top ready for layering) got finished yesterday and is ready to be marked then layered!  Yippee 🙂

What was 12 stars got whittled down to our 6 faves…  all 12 was too busy! lol

I joined them together ever so carefully so the points would meet right…  Then time to add borders!

First a thinner border.. I went with a 2″ finish on this border to make the overall size correct when finished 🙂

I planned this to be a double mitered border … so the corners are trimmed but not sewn yet in the pic above.. but I like how the grey & white polka dot we finally decided on and I had enough of (lol) made the center just pop… but will it complement the outer border???

Here it is just laid out… is it overwhelmingly large now?? It was for me… I had to rest on it a day before I sewed and finished the mitering of the corners…

So corners mitered… here’s 2 🙂

 I “brushed up” my mitering skills with a few helpful hints I found on a kinda grainy youtube video from last year… the content was great but you had to understand the basic concept to “get it” so I did not add the link…

But I finally finished yesterday afternoon… but had to wait for today to show it off 🙂  I needed a bit of sunlight on this amazing flimsy!

My plan is to mark it today and then layer and start the hand quilting on it… and work on that while I start my next project 🙂

This for the inner white circles
This design on the grey thin border
Fun for the outer border too!

I will only mark the white inner circles for now with graphite.  The stars themselves will get outlines and quilted 1/4″ in each star piece.
The inner and outer borders will get marked with pounce chalk as I get to them 🙂

Backing I found in my stash for this wall hanging… Thanks Connie! lol

I plan to use YLI 40/3 in natural for the inner stars and swirls… then black in the borders to help it not pop so much.  I will be quilting this using wool batting Hobb’s Tuscany brand so it shouldn’t shrink much when done… it currently measures about 36″ by 46″ 🙂  Perfect for my foyer wall spot my honey designed!!!

That is what I have and will be up to.. How about you?  What is up with you this week?

Linking this post to Kelly’s Linky Party at My Quilt Infatuation HERE 🙂

Have a blessed rest of your week and thanks for visiting with me!

3 thoughts on “A Flimsy is born :)

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Your mitered borders turned out well!I tried mitering borders once (used a Bonnie Hunter tutorial if I recall correctly) and it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to … I got it to work out ok in the end, but I had to take in the seam several times to get it to work properly. I'm sure that part of the problem was wrestling with a larger quilt with a too small work space and that part of the problem was just plain operator error (inexperience). I'd like to work on improving my mitered border skills and plan to make a mitered border the next time I make a small quilt.



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