Whooping a Week of Accomplishments!

Happy December my bloggy friends!  How did this happen… oh yeah… I quilted for 5 months on this glorious quilt..

The Byrum Family Quilt… until they name it something else 🙂  This is in the mail headed to them as I write!



My brother and his family live on very strong Christian values and ethics… so this quilt will have lots of meaning for them in their journey in life as a couple… and as a family too… It has fabrics representing their honeymoon in 1999 all the way to their last family Disney vacation… and they homeschool their 4 kids and there is even some school fabrics in this quilt!

Once that was boxed for mailing I shared my return to finishing Wish Upon a Vintage Star pattern I am working on… well.. here is where it started a few months ago…

You can see in the upper right I have the pattern pic and directions and my honey made the templates out of wood for me called “luan”.  They sell this at Lowes or any place that has lumber abounding!… I gave him paper templates in the exact sizes I wanted and he taped them to the luan and cut with his power tools for wood!!!!  These templates worked great for Rotary Cutting too!!!!…. I also had a selection of vintage fabrics from a lot of fabric I had gotten on eBay.  I was ready to go! lol

So here is the first star I made with Gloria at my side…

And here are the 12 stars we made total …

But I wasn’t happy with how all the stars turned out… not in the construction of them.. they all were constructed GREAT!  But in the contrast between the middle color and the calico black color of the star points.  So I cut some to leave more room for the GREAT fabrics I have picked for borders on this lovely wall hanging!

So here are the final 6 stars…

A vintage purple stripe in the center with black fabric tossed with  roses for the star tips 🙂

Grey vintage fabric with pink flowers tossed on it make the center and the star points are a bit busier here but the same pink in the flowers there too!

This cute star on the left is very special fabric in the center… given to me from my friend Wendy in Australia… it is not vintage but VERY special and I wanted her in this wall hanging.. now she is 🙂

 This center fabric was gifted to my by my friend Connie.  When she uncluttered her stash a bit I was a happy recipient… I used this fabric also in the mosaic section of the Byrum Family Quilt… so this star has 2 great memories for me 🙂

This cute lavendar print on the left is some fabric Connie found me at a yard sale just after making my first quilt!  The other fabric with it had poly in it so I donated it.. but this fabric was all cotton.. and I have a good yard left.. so I see a little lavender making future projects too!

And yes this fabric is a repeat in the center but my honey loved the fabric as did I so we will have 2 of the same inner star fabric… but the black outer star fabrics are different… That is fine with me… but see what you think!!!

No good pic of the 6 together at this point but come back Sunday when I hope to have finished this into a flimsy to slow stitch a bit!
Have a Happy Weekend…  Linking this post to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict… see what others are Whooping about here!
Take time to smell the roses.. don’t miss all the action happening around you and …

5 thoughts on “Whooping a Week of Accomplishments!

  1. Linda Swanekamp

    I clicked on your link from Sarah because of the sewing machine. Mine aren't named but I use a stable of LBOW 301s for sewing (one for piecing, one for paper piecing, one for small FMQ, and one for travel). Love them all. Thanks for showing yours.



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