Laundry List Linky Party right HERE allll weekend!

Welcome to the November edition of my Laundry List Linky Party!!!!

Laundry List Linky is all about showing off what you recently completed with PICS… and what you plan to work on in the next month with pics… because of the time of year you may not want certain pics in your post… then describe them well so we can enjoy your words instead of pics! lol

Link it up by Midnight TODAY ….on BLACK FRIDAY in the USA… November 28 by 12 am Midnight to get a chance to win this!

Please read the small print!  You choose the color.. pink or red… of these uber useful retractible tape measures… Both are new and have only been tested for the pic and to make sure they work well 🙂

Also, December there will be NO LINKY PARTY!  So link up now to have a chance on Friday for the tape measure of your choice or anytime all weekend for the chance to win LINKY LOOT!!!

Linky Loot is something from my stash I surprise you with if you are chosen by random number generator.  1 lucky winner will get to give me a list of their fave desires in quilting and I will do my best to send on something fun to the winner!  All my winners have loved their Loot though 🙂

So come on and join in…

Doesn’t have to be long winded if you don’t want but please show pics 🙂 

I respond to each link too!  

I will be linking MY progress on the Byrum Family Quilt over the weekend too!  So come and have a look at what everyone is up to!  PLEASE LEAVE BLOGGY LOVE TOO!  We all love comments!

Have a happy weekend!  Please feel FREE to email me with any questions you have about the link up or posting to the link up!  I am happy to help 🙂

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