Quilty Pillow Talk

For about 6 months I have planned to remake the first quilted thing I did… a pillow that my honey has since slept with EVERY night! lol  I never knew it would become his lovey of sorts… So finally.. during a visit from my bestie Connie… I remade that pillow!

Here it is fresh out of the dryer… and snuggly approved!

So let’s now back up a bit… I was overwhelmed with how to make a good STURDY long lasting pillow… so I chose high quality fabrics and high quality thread for hand quilting and sewing the pillow together once quilted.

I also wanted to use the SAME pattern I had quilted on the original pillow….

you can see the center of the muslin sandwich my wonderful teacher gave me to show off my first stitches well… just wasn’t made for every day use 🙂  But back then who knew it would become a heirloom of sorts… my first quilted piece… the pillow was put together by my mom… and enjoyed over 3 years now by my honey.. so upgrade we did!!!

When Connie got settled in we chose fabric… I found a lightboard my daughter uses I decided to borrow for this job…. and I traced the pattern onto the chosen fabric with graphite…

 Then I made my quilt sandwich and pinned VERY WELL!!  I even used nicer fabric for my backing some vintage white fabric that should hold up to many washings in the future this time 🙂

Here are my first stitches and I focused throughout the day and a half it took me to stitch this 14″ square pattern onto my fabric sandwich to make it a wholecloth pillow top!

Although you can’t see the pattern very well I used a dark blue grey thread for the stitching… my honey is in love with this pattern! lol  He says it is just perfectly quilty for sleeping with! lol

Here are some shots of Connie and I stitching…

She came in town from Tennessee on Monday and decided to stay beach side a couple nights and really treat herself… so beach side she stitched on her granddaughters snuggle quilt.  Her granddaughter is 10 I think and picked out lots of fabrics used in this quilt as well as colored the blocks in the quilt… it is really looking good and I am sorry I didn’t get a full shot to share with all of you!  But it has a very neat story…

We endured the cooler temperatures as much of the country endured deep freezes and snow by quilting !!! lol

So now it was time for Connie to teach me how to make the top into a pillow!

First I marked with a pen and scissor cut along that line just the bottom of the quilt sandwich… the BACKING side is cut to your specific pillow form size plus seam allowances… my pillow form has been washed and was now 15″ square so I cut mine to 16″ giving me about 15 1/2″ finished pillow.

Then pin those layers together… this was a great opportunity to use the new pins Connie just gave me not too long ago 🙂  We enjoyed using them! …

I made the back of my pillow a envelope style close that was double thickness for durability and used Best Press on the crease to help it not buckle there with washing… it washed well and no future ironing will need to be done I think….

Hope you have enjoyed this Quilty Pillow Talk post 🙂

Sorry I haven’t been more bloggy but get ready for a busy week on my blog… I have much still to share and going back to the circles on the Byrum Family Quilt and I have solidified future projects and some order there… so I have lots going on… Do you Follow Me???  Now is a great time to follow me as I have a finish and some totally fab projects in the horizon if you enjoy my style!

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Have a blessed Slow Sunday Stitching… I am linking this post up just with Kathy as well.. as my Sunday will be slow stitching circles… I am currently 50% done with the border and need to finish it and get it bound and washed !!!!

May you find Joy in your Stitches today 🙂 

9 thoughts on “Quilty Pillow Talk

  1. Jill

    Yeap. That is a snuggly pillow. Soft and cuddly too. Perfect fabric. Neither femine nor masculine. Goes great with the chair. A joy to have a quilty friend.



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