Goals Exceeded!

Wow!  What a super weekend it was for us… let me fill you in.

Friday we got an expected package with something extra in it for me from my bestie Connie…

Look at the DARLING pins with pink and white flower heads in a flower box!!!  Isn’t that just too cute ??? 🙂  And the card she sent me the week prior and I hadn’t shared that but you know I am a sucker for cards for sure and she sent a very heartfelt one to me 🙂  Much appreciated way to start off the weekend…

Then just hours after posting Friday we sold this sewing machine and received payment!!!

We were so giddy … yet I still managed to get some stitches in..

This area is 12″ x 18″ and is Jacob’s Ladder blocks but I made it larger in hopes you can see all the in the ditch stitching I have done on this block to keep it “moderately” quilted like the rest of the quilt.

Then Sunday our day started with a sale…. which turned into a packing fiesta… yet I managed to get more stitches in …

Which was way beyond my expectations for sure!

So 2 featherweights, a lot of quilting, and a little family time thrown in .. so all in all a great weekend.

Also, I heard from Michele and her Linky Loot she won for linking with me is bound for her Maryland home tomorrow!!  She gave me lots of choices even though she is a very well rounded crafter that I think my stash LOOT will be a complement to her projects 🙂

So join us Thanksgiving weekend in the USA and link up your goals for holiday planning… It is a fun and wonderful way to get things accomplished too!  Black Friday.. November 28 will have a special drawing for 1 lucky linker… then another drawing planned for Monday morning 🙂  So join us early or join us late but JOIN US & Have FUN!

Happy Stitching &

3 thoughts on “Goals Exceeded!

  1. Daytona Damsel

    Oh dear. I saw that flower box and remembered I had the empty one you lend me to make a template. Nest visit I will try to return it. I am so excited for you, two machines sold! and quilting goals exceeded! Very productive weekend. Congrats.



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