Do you believe is kismet.. that is destiny or fate?  I think if we follow the path we were meant to good things happen along the way.

Well I had a strong feeling that a Featherweight we got in recently to refurbish and sell was meant for my best friend… don’t know why buy when I first saw the machine it reminded me of her…

  • The scroll face plate
  • The immaculate decals
  • Earlier model like she was wanting
  • Pristine case other than the handle
  • Kismet!

Well I told her all about the machine one day and she just went along with the convo.. I really never gave it another thought as that is my honeys job to do this stuff… I don’t pay attention really as I stitch and care for our home… what he is working on… he stays much busier than me too! lol

Today he announced he was ready to sell the machine… and he brought it out… again I had that feeling it was meant for Connie… not to sell to just anyone.

So I called her and we chatted a bit… then I asked her opinion on eBay auction on this machine… and somehow she asked what it would take for HER to own this machine!!!!

Woweee 🙂

Lots of negotiation (chatting really) later we hammered out a deal that is a win/win… and we are shipping her this beautiful machine!!!

Isn’t she a beauty!!!!

And my progress on the Byrum family quilt is coming along… having had that time away from quilting last week really slowed my monthly goals from meeting accomplishment but I am having plenty to party about tomorrow!

Hope you will join me.. simply List out what you wanna do and pics of what you have done… pics of your future ideas helps too!  This should be a fun post about where you are and where you hope to be next month this time.  Just before Thanksgiving 🙂

So Link Up and have a chance to win some linky loot from my stash!  Everyone loves to win something… and you get to help pick it out!!!

See ya This Weekend I Hope!!!

2 thoughts on “Kismet!

  1. Jill

    Well, that worked out well. She is fortunate to have the pretty scroll face plate. Tell her that FWs are great for foundation piecing. Soon the BFQ will be a completed project.



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