Gloria’s new dress AND MORE!

Wowee!  We are having an early Christmas here on Florida’s east coast… at least that is what we are calling it! lol

My honey got a new tshirt I found secretly for him on eBay…

He is an awesome Lionel Train engineer when he isn’t doing one of his many other jobs to keep our home running smoothly… he loves playing and interacting and talking about his train collection.  Most are vintage… all have meaning… and they all work too!  He has a 3 track set up currently…

This is actually almost a full sheet of plywood big and this pic was taken early in his train building career… he now has it going all over the place and is pondering elevating one of the trains! lol  Needless to say he needed the fun tshirt to match his fun hobby of collecting Lionel trains 🙂

I just updated my facebook pic…

 Gloria finally got her dress all cured enough to bring her out to my sewing space… but first my honey grabbed some shots!

Love the trapezoid shape of the cabinet when closed…

And the “wrap around” feature when opened 🙂

Check out the before pics on THIS post!

Now outside in the Florida room… she is just the right size to fit right beside me for convenient piecing and binding!

My long table is where the quilt is resting when I am not quilting it… and the fold over top of Gloria’s cabinet rests nicely on it… we decided a towel should lay on the table when the top is open to avoid scratches 🙂

So here we are… ready to make more stars… will that be today now or tomorrow.
Hope you have a blessed weekend wherever you are 🙂

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