Laundry List LINKY PARTY weekend ~ August 2014 ~ 2 chances to win!!

It is TIME!  Link up your month blog post for 2 CHANCES TO WIN!!!!

1 lucky Linker will be chosen at random to receive this….

cool tape measure that is retractable.. 60″ long and perfect to keep with your sewing things or when you need to measure something keep it in your purse… I do 🙂

Also… as always there is LINKY LOOT also up for grabs this month!  YIPPEE 🙂

Linky Loot is something out of my magic cabinet sent to a lucky linker who is randomly chosen and the prize is based on what they shared for upcoming goals… so talk about it here friends!  If you are needing a fat quarter or so to add to your stash this is the place to LINK!

So, now that you understand how cool it is to write a blog post with goals you have met and goals you wanna meet… then LINK that post up below… then Party until Monday when a winners are announced 🙂

So here are my goals from last month….

BFQ was first on the list… and I am currently hand quilting the very center section!  Yippee 🙂

And here is my progress on the table topper…

Yep.. 2 done out of 7… right! hahaha 🙂  I messed up on the 3rd one and decided this was getting less fun that it should be… so these will now adorn my kitchen as pot holders… not sure if that will happen this month or when Connie comes to visit… I have the right batting, I have the backing, and the binding… so it is possible that I will get inspired to quilt them one day 🙂  Right now my focus is on BFQ though.  So I did not add this into my goals for next month…

I also did most EXCELLENT at decreasing my internet time and increasing my music time.. I am keeping this goal on there another month though as I feel I could do less internet still and be more productive with house things and sewing time 🙂

Backing up the list a bit you will see I checked off the template… since I made that goal my friend Wendy in Australia decided she wanted to make some too.. so I ordered our templates and have hers to send to her 🙂  So I have put off the second part of that goal until November.. so Wendy and I can do this fun little candle mats together 🙂

Now onto current goals made starting today!!!!

As you can see my focus is hand quilting BFQ… it has a need to finish date of Thanksgiving… so I am quilting on it mostly over the month but knew I would want a little variety too… so let’s really work on the blog in earnest this month, and have more music than internet time AND… start a new wall hanging and continue perfecting my piecing..

Most of these fabrics are the ones chosen … but some are representative of another fabric being in it’s place… will show you that as I start piecing it… Wendy has faith in me… so I think I can do this 🙂

The pattern is called “Wish Upon a Star” and was published in a mag a few years back… after an exhaustive search of cool small quilts or quilts that could be down sized to wall hanging size and finding nothing I could achieve that I liked.. Wendy showed me this and I was in LOVE!!!!

So in love I asked my honey to make templates for the pattern… and he did!  Yippee 🙂

So there is my goals post and what I am Whooping about too!  So I will be linking this post to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict today 🙂

Come on over and play with me and link up your goals this weekend… I have lots of linky loot to choose from AND don’t forget the cool tape measure you could win.. all by just linking a blog post 🙂

4 thoughts on “Laundry List LINKY PARTY weekend ~ August 2014 ~ 2 chances to win!!

  1. Deb A

    Thanks for hosting this Kathi! I toned it down this month so maybe I'll have less outside stuff happen so I can sew more? One can dream. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


  2. Scrapatches

    Pretty projects. I really like the new wall hanging project pattern. I wandered in from Dorian's blog and am a new follower. Looking forward to seeing more of your quilty goodness. I have been keeping a \”laundry list\” for my quilting goals and commitments for years. It always feels good to cross one of those lines off my list. Some months are better that others. I just keep sewing … 🙂 Pat



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