Hand quilting Aaahhh ~ LOVING IT :)

I am loving waking up early all of a sudden.. and I don’t wonder why anymore… I am back to having a hand quilting project underway and I am so jazzed about this project… all the love it will get for as long as it will stay together … and how zen the hand quilting process is once you are into it!  Yippee 🙂

To the right… I have quilted the outline of the tree on this center panel and am now outlining the hearts that go down the center of the tree… The shaded pink heart that has my brother (younger and MUCH taller than I) and wonderful sil initials in it and year married was already part of the panel… I just added that info with embroidery  during the piecing phase 🙂  Below that are hearts that each of their children added with paint brush or finger painting them there… J is for Jared… he is the oldest and the only boy.  He is a strong leader sort and when I had my nieces and nephew here this past spring and we did this artwork he and his oldest little sis Madison (the M under his is for her) headed up the ideas for what to put on the tree in the first place!                              It was so much fun doing this project on a panel with them adding to it like this… I used fabric paint from Michaels for their finger painted hearts 🙂  H is for Haley who has a birthday very soon. and finally is Delaney .. the baby of the family but she knows what she wants … and fingerpainting was not what she wanted to do… so she used a brush and got help from her older siblings… what a wonderful memory 🙂

Is there a part of the quilting or other crafting process you love most?  I would love to hear about it!!!  I read every comment and look forward to getting comments so please share what you enjoy most in the crafty world we try to live in amongst all that is going on in the world today…

A tropical storm is out in the Atlantic right now… they predict we will only get breezes from Cristobol so we shall see 🙂  Living so near the coast (about 2 miles from the beach as the crow flies) means we must stay alert to weather situations.

Have a blessed week… hope you plan to Link to Win your goals this coming weekend!

Until next time 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Hand quilting Aaahhh ~ LOVING IT :)

  1. Jill

    This family tree is coming out so nicely. All family members participating. I also enjoy outline quilting. Oh dear, you did ask for a breeze……


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Like you, I am always anxious to get up and get started when I'm hand quilting. The machine piecing on the spiral log cabin is getting old … I'm ready to move in … unfortunately I'm only half the way through the piecing.



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