Gloria is here! WHOOP!!

There is a new vintage sewing machine I just got for a deal on eBay.. I am just soooo excited!  I am sharing this Whooping post about it over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict with Sarah right HERE!

 I got a 1956 Singer 301A!!! My honey bought it for me actually and it was such a funny story how I came to get this beautiful two toned machine!  Also abbreviated LBOW (for light brown/oyster white) for her paint colors 🙂

You know my honey buys, services and sells featherweights.. he acquires them several ways but looks in many places … one of his fave searches brings up all singer machines..  that is when I fell in love with the 2 tones version of the Singer 301.  I love that some were assembled in Anderson, South Carolina and are designated 301A’s… so I looked for one of them 🙂  This is the first Slant-o-matic machine Singer made and they made them in 3 batches total.  Some are bisque.. a slightly darker light brown than Gloria.. and there are also black ones.  These machines are sometimes called a Featherweights “big sister” too!  Gloria weights 16 lbs by herself.  So nice and light for a full sized machine.. and with her gear motor she can sew ANYTHING with me !!!!

I learned to sew on a Singer Golden Touch and Sew when I was young and used that machine until a house fire took it in 2008.. then I sewed on a Janome occasionally.. but entering a new phase of my life I have fallen in love with vintage machines… they are quiet and do their job well in general! 

Fiona has always been my main machine since I started liking sewing machines about a year ago.  I even sold my nice Janome to better utilize that money since she never got any action! lol  (I bought fabric with that money!) ha 🙂

Now I think Fiona may have competition… but Fiona doesn’t suck up corners/threads either and Singers are NOTORIOUS for working this way.  I will say that in playing around with Gloria she is a gem of a machine and I was very blessed to have found her at a time when my honey was feeling generous with his profits! lol

So Whooping that accomplishment today!

I am steadily working away on the pieced backing of the Byrum family quilt currently… and waiting for binding fabric to come in so I can have that decided 🙂

Moving along on goals I set for the month… Will you be ready to link up your progress end of the month???  Don’t forget to write a post… link it up .. and PARTY with me 🙂

Linky Loot will be amazing this month as I am really getting to know my stash better!  And how things ship the best too! lol 

So link for a chance to win something specific to YOUR goals 🙂

Thanks for reading along and have a blessed weekend!

2 thoughts on “Gloria is here! WHOOP!!

  1. Brenda

    I just bought Gloria's twin sister off Kijiji for $35, including cabinet and chair. She snaps in and out of the cabinet easily. I haven't had much chance to sew on her yet, but looking forward to it.


  2. Jill

    Gloria has another sister in Michigan. Purchased at an estate sale last November. Also born in 1956 and is LBOW. Haven't played much with her as she needs a general cleaning. I have been playing with older sister, the 221K.



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