Byrum Family Quilt update…

Happy August!!

So much has been going on.. and I got into a rough spot in the piecing adventure on the Byrum Family Quilt… so I am just now posting an update on this project WHOOP!  So happy to be here with you right now too!  but this is what I have been working on…

Jacob’s Ladder blocks 🙂

These are 6 blocks above all together… all my joins aren’t perfect but I am pretty pleased with how each of the 4 panels turned out…

Here is a snafu I caught only when I took a pic…

So I extracted the wrong turned block and fixed it..

close up and…

once all fixed 🙂

Now that I am done with these 4 sections it is time for FUN… I get to make star blocks that I chose for this quilt next…

Here is my design on the design wall… not perfectly laid out… but as I have pieced it … all is measuring up!
You see… I love to hand quilt.. but I have never felt strong in the piecing realm… with this quilt.. and with my friend Wendy’s help.. and my friend Connie’s help… I am making this quilt sing out loud before the quilting even begins… loving that!
Does your work sing as you are doing it?  Would love to know how to keep this feeling around 🙂  I am loving how this quilt is turning out!  Hope you are loving the project you are focusing on too!

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