Do you web your quilt tops?

I do… do you know what webbing a quilt top is?  It is a little trick I noted watching Quilt Cams with Bonnie Hunter.. she talks about it on her blog in this article too!

You see the current quilt I am piecing to hand quilt has a center panel surrounded by lots of 2 1/2″ & 4 1/2″ squares in a pattern that I designed.  Here is the design..

And here it is in reality once webbed together to hold the pieces in place then stitched together as it was laid out….

I am loving how precise my piecing is becoming in this pic 🙂  Thanks Wendy Gontier!!!

The fabric at the bottom of the pic is the next border to go around.

This is the center of my design however and used fabrics I have been collecting for about a year all starting with this panel!  I am loving this project 😀

The Byrum Family Quilt thus far has been lots of fun… now I am working on the next “circle” around the quilt of all different kinds of quilt blocks… and I am webbing each 12 1/2″ block together for an easy finish too…

Hope you take time to read Bonnie’s article… and let me know if you web or not when putting a top together… I am always looking for more accurate ways to piece a quilting puzzle together… do you have any tricks or tips?  Leave them in the comments… I reply to all comments too!

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