Whooping Organization & Happy Friday!

It is Friday.. that means time to link up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric addict and WHOOP!!  Today… as previously promised.. I will share the remodel that occurred to my sewing space… especially organizing a stash!!!

You see I just started my quilty infatuation with luscious fabrics when I started quilting about 3 years ago… since that time I have made about 12 quilts and gathered small amounts of leftovers from each but not much… I can estimate the fabric well it seems 🙂

Now I have projects completed and projects planned and a stash… time for a little extra organization since I like this hobby so much! 😉

My honey built this cool cabinet from some plywood he got for FREE!  Now he will add doors.. but you really want to see this space come to life not look pretty yet right?

 I organized what I had and separated by like things… books in one area, mags and patterns I want in another section, fabrics I had already separated by future project on the shelves…

 Now what about the floor and the messy desk too!

 ABOVE you see my whole space now… check out the organization.. and because of this organization I was able to work on Oh My Stars a bit more too!  Update on that Saturday 🙂

Let’s go through how we decided to organize the shelf… remember it was just open real estate… and I didn’t have lots of $$ to invest in this project.  I did all this with a organized friends help… I advise asking an organized friend if you want the best results… buy them lunch if you like.. but that part was sooo worth it to me!!!  We spent about $25.00 on my stuff and a few organizational things for my honey to make our separate spaces look like one cohesive space 🙂

Anyway, top shelf is future projects and a couple bags to grab quickly if I want to quilt on the road (we do a lot of traveling to neighboring cities and towns).

Books take up half of the next shelf… standing up are books… laying down are mags and recipes that don’t need to droop by standing up! lol 

Next to the books is my main stash.  This looks small but several of my “future projects” are holding stash right now… so that will be liberated and wrapped around the boards my honey made me.  (He made custom fit boards and a shelf divider there so my stash could be compact as well!  We used luan for the boards (work as comic book boards) and are not affected by the humidity like the cardboard would have been for me.. plus they will last forever!

The next 2 shelves are my honeys… funny he built this for him and I took over… but truly he loves it with all my quilty stuff organized 🙂  … 

The next to the bottom shelf holds stash cut to my idea of manageable sizes… more on that if you are interested in figuring out what works for you 🙂  … and MORE future projects.. I have a lot of those don’t I! lol

The bottom shelf holds large yardage items in the 31 flip flop bag… and my big steam iron for ironing large yardage items only… otherwise I don’t use steam anymore.

Then all that is left is a couple storage cabinets and some mags I need to go through …

So here is to Organization and a Happy Friday to you!

I am trucking away on Oh My Stars and should have a finish posted tomorrow I hope 🙂

Here is my view of the world…

I watch the birds bath from here.. I hear my bubblers running water.. I enjoy the sunshine when it comes out to play… which is most every day here on Florida’s east coast!

Hope you have something fun to Whoop about this Friday.  Just click HERE to see what others are Whooping about and link your own up too! 

Have you organized your stash and kept it organized?  Do you have any tips for a newer quilter like myself for good stash management??  Would love your feedback in comments below 😀

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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