RJq & Using my Design Wall… FINALLY!

Whooping accomplishments today on my goal setting trend I am on.. and one of those spiderweb dreams in the back of my consciousness that would pop out from time to time is the ability to actually make a quilt I used my design wall for… well God met that goal with Project RJq (Rebekah’s Journey quilt)!

My Florida Room Sewing Studio 🙂

You see it all happened like this…
I got all the fabric for this project on Monday the 9th..

I used about 1/2 of a batik jellyroll with no 2 the same consistently called Bali Pops by Hoffman Fabric in Sherbert (how it was spelled on the packaging).  I found a deal on Etsy when this quilt need popped up and got it right away… I then purchased the remaining yardages for this quilt over the next few days for all DEALS!  God was sooo in control with that shopping as we didn’t have money to spare but we made it happen!  Whoop!

By Tuesday night I had processed all that fabric into usable bits for my pattern.. more on the pattern I used in it’s own post… this post is Whooping and about Rebekah! lol   I even used my pink sticky notes to label each stack! ha 🙂

If you don’t read me regularly here is Rebekah with her lovely family…

She is a mid 30’s mom of 3 and wife of 1 and a wonderful nurse and friend of mine who lived in Washington state.  Recently she found she had breast cancer and is now currently healing from the necessary surgery.  In 2 weeks time she will be going to the oncologist for her planning of chemo and radiation… my goal is to get this to her in that time frame!  Wow… Can I do it???
Wednesday… totally trusting the recipe and the design wall I made this…

Yesterday I put this one together… again totally needing a design board for this otherwise fun and easy pattern!

When I completed the 1st panel yesterday (the recipe said jellyroll friendly and most jellyrolls come with enough duplicates for a quilt of this style.. I didn’t have that with batiks… so I had to draft a new pattern instead of just trying to make it up as I went)! lol

On the left I had 4 sections going opposite ways but the reality is this is a chemo quilt and needs to be portable size wise for taking to treatments and snuggling with her family in bed on bad days and such… so smaller it should be… my friend Wendy helped me discover the design on the right!  Whoop!!!

I love it!!! In real life this flimsy may be smaller than my draft projects as that is my chosen measuring method… but I have never had a quilt yet come out bigger using my method! lol

So this is the final draft and the quilt may be 75 x 80 on paper but I am betting it turns out smaller than that… which should be perfect!  Four sections looked weightier in the middle too.. this way all the fabrics for the top will be showcased with this quilt top… and I have fabric left over for a way to bring my regular width random design backing together with no seam except the expected on from the pieced back!! 🙂

During my time working on Project RJq I will be frequenting this on my blog…

take time to consider what self exams and yearly physicals do to avoid the need to fight or at least increase your chances of surviving!!

Rebekah says her cancer was encapsulated and did not spread to her lymph nodes so that is GREAT!  Soon she will be feeling back to her old self on the outside… but the inside of her is forever changed from this battle.

I am linking this post dedicated to my friend Rebekah and my Project RJq “Whoops” to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict Friday Linky Party… head over there and see what other are “whooping” about in their links!

7 thoughts on “RJq & Using my Design Wall… FINALLY!

  1. Kymberly

    I love that final design you came up with. For some reason in my head I've been picturing this as straight chevrons with nothing breaking them up and no borders. The colors are looking great and are really coming together. Keep up the good work!


  2. PugMom

    Your quilt is beautiful and your friend will be thrilled. My friend's husband recently had to undergo chemo and radiation and I made him a soft fleece blanket backed with minkee (no time to make a quilt!). He loved it. My girlfriend says he takes a nap with it every day!


  3. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    lovely! I'm glad to hear that it sounds like your friend will be well and that they caught it in time – it is hard for the young women to go get the mammograms because they do not think it will hit them, they think they are too young. I'm sure she will love the quilt – get busy! LOL



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