Project RJq ~ A Flimsy (or 2) is Born!

Project RJq is a quilt I am making for my friend Rebekah who is a young mother and wife recently diagnosed and underwent surgery for breast cancer.  I am supporting her by making this quilt 🙂

So this weekend I worked hard to get her flimsy a flimsy 🙂  Along the way God showed me he wanted even more!  Read on friends…

I got the fabric I was waiting on the trim down the panels and cut one in half longways to split it then rejoin them all together with sashing.  Here is that step almost complete as I laid it out to decide the final layout of the quilt center..

Just 1 piece of sashing plus top & bottom sashings and it is a center complete!

 Once satisfied with my layout I finished adding all the sashings… by then the quilt center measured 51 x 65″.  Too big for the bordering I had planned!  Time to switch gears and rethink again! lol

Then I decided the bra fabric that borders the quilt (a breast cancer fabric by Riley Blake called “Think Pink”) should face in with mitered corners so there is not top or bottom!  Fine idea but how do you join a busy print professionally ??

Not like this >>>

Better to choose a path with less prints to match in the first place I figured out.. and keep your selvages on until your sewing is done … then trim all to 1/4″ 🙂  Within 1″ of each selvage edge should be a repeat for your fabric I also heard… not sure if that works all the time for all quilting fabrics but it worked with this… check out this border now..

I found a repeat where only the middle of the bras cross… it does mess up the cute coat hanger a bit but I think overall it rocks joining fabrics like this!

I had to do this to get the layout I wanted for the quilt.

I have a pieced back as well that I have not pictured yet but it is waiting for the pinning session that will be going on today!

So wanna see the finished flimsy???

flimsy measures 62 x 76″ = PERFECT!

 I will bind it in the grey /pink batik I used for the sashing of the quilt to enclose it all in a snuggly and durable fabric 🙂

But my title said there were 2 flimsies.. what is up with that???

God laid it on my heart as I was focused on praying for Rebekah and not having to rip out much that the “crumbs” accumulating from her quilt were all usable pieces…

I put them all together and now have a doll quilt to send her kids to play with from the scraps!

I had played around with  some of the bits and got a couple quilt squares in the middle of it if you can make them out now… there is a lot of bubble gum pink in this quilt top in the making! lol

This is the block I laid together from the scraps that sparked this whole doll quilt idea… with God’s guidance too of course! 🙂

The funny thing is… it still isn’t finished… it needs something else.. did you say that when you saw it too???

So I pulled this from the unused part of the jelly roll ..

2 coordinating blue strips .. perfect for an outer border! 

Should I miter these corners too?  I think I may… but would like your feedback for sure!

So goals for the day include some necessary errands and household tasks for the huge quilting marathon I have been on lately… time to give the home some attention… then pinning I will be!

I plan to quilt the doll quilt first to get my legs about me for machine quilting.. I will be using a walking foot and doing straight lines 1/4″ away from my sewn lines on Rebekah’s quilt… I think I will do a cross hatch for the doll quilt.

Suggestion anyone???  I can really use it right now!

3 thoughts on “Project RJq ~ A Flimsy (or 2) is Born!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    for the doll quilt seeing as it is practice have you thought of doing a square within a square quilting on these blocks – it is starting and stopping, burying threads ect but that might be nice. Or straight lines by following the diagonal design


  2. Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals

    Fantastic Kathi! I'm loving Rebekahs quilt and to make a doll quilt for the kids is over the top awesome! I would do some simple crosshatching on the doll quilt. Don't overdo as you've a lot of quilting to do on the Main Event! I think your idea on Rabekahs quilt is good as far as following the lines go. Hugs to you girl! You Rock!



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