Goal met… just a little bit left!

Today… in fact just a bit ago.. I finished the goal I set last Sunday week…

And completed 2 blocks… 3 feathers .. 1 cornerstone 🙂
Now it just leaves this bit to quilt before I bind and label (my honey wants the label to be a surprise) !! 

Then back to a bit more quilting with no batting roughness… just soft quilt fabric to brush against!  I enjoy it when a quilt can be bound before all the final quilting is done.. 🙂

 Next up is a creative project I am taking time off from THE MAN quilt to complete … here is where I am so far…

No ideas yet except I love all these 1930’s prints and solid together 🙂

Time to search the internet for ideas and see what kind of patterns I can find to incorporate my own design ideas into… do you have any suggestions??? I want to just use the 2 top fabrics and the label of course… and use the red plaid for the binding of it.  I like the 3 flowers framing the label top binding area.. we shall see what ideas YOU have!

My honey has been busy in the yard and at the workbench.. today Fiona went in for a check up…

and got a glowing report and her tension knob fixed… so all is well… also a good oiling was had… so now I need to sew a bit on her to rub it all in good 🙂

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