Goal Met!

Well… the goal I blogged about setting here… is now officially complete 🙂

I am very excited that I have found a way to set goals… now to set attainable goals! lol

You see I started out Saturday morning with a plan to stitch the weekend away… so I set a lofty goal of completing a feather and a swirly block in 2 days..

I am first stabilizing the block by starting with the feather spine first…
ha! ha!

Life happened!  So by Sunday night… my self-imposed deadline…  I was here …

1/2 done on the block and 3/4 on the feather

And not sad but disappointed just a bit… but Monday chimed in and I was ready to stitch.. some stitching happened but not as much as I had wished for… So this morning I hurried got here before daylight…

Yippee 3/4 done on the block and all done with the feather!

And then snapped this when the sun came up…

Once I finished the block I cleaned the pencil marks off here it is!!!  I also did that cornerstone… it has a yin yang symbol in it… also my honey’s request! lol

tah dah!

So now I am down to 7 blocks, 8 feathers and 2 cornerstones to go.

I think for the remainder of these blocks I will pair them with a feather to keep me hopping from one to the other with 2 needles going… one for each spot!  I really did enjoy that part of this challenge for my self.

Now lets see how far I can get before it is time for some of my fave weekend blog spots to link to!

Have a blessed week!

Did you set any goals with me??? If so how did yours turn out??  I would love to hear from you in comments below!

4 thoughts on “Goal Met!

  1. Donna M

    I know how you feel. I had hoped to have my son's wall quilt finished by Sunday evening. I am still working on it. Maybe I'll be finished before midnight tonight. Good luck with your next goals.Hopefully, we can work on other projects soon.


  2. Wehago designs

    Superb, glad your goal was met, I did quite a bit of quilting whilst I was away and can see that I can do this quilt very quickly, looking forward to linking up with other blogs this weekend also



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