Setting Slow Stitching Goals… Do you?

I had hoped when I started hand quilting my honey’s quilt that I would be done in April… well… here we are… I have about 3 weeks until April is OVER! 
And still plenty of stitches to go… So I am setting a short term goal to help me reach my long term goal of COMPLETION and pics of him snuggled up in it 🙂

Here is a spine I am working on… this quilt only has 8 more spines left for me to quilt…

Here is a block I finished yesterday after giving my fingers a few days respite…
It is marked in the upper left corner still because that is what I got done all day yesterday and I took this shot before I started… I was so happy to call this loooong block done 🙂

To the left is that area once quilted and spritzed and dried… and to the right is an outline of the quilting you can follow a little easier..

Now I know the next question you have is why such an intricate pattern on such busy fabrics on such a busy quilt… well.. I wanted a challenge and my honey fell in love with the stencils… and to be honest… I am having a blast doing this knowing how much he will adore it when done!

So here is my slow stitching goal… to have this block and this feather finished by Sunday bedtime… 

Can I do it??? I don’t know! lol
What if I don’t do it??? I don’t do it.
Will I be upset???  No.  Just set better more attainable goals next time.
What do I have to do over the next day and half that I have given myself?  Dinner, laundry, that is it…. my dd has a friend over to keep her busy.  😀

Although… I may go on a shopping adventure with my honey… you see we have a few preliminary shots of my machine Nelly’s new and improved case!  Wanna see??? lol

 Nelly was in a poor beat up case.. but my honey stripped and sanded it and made it all new!  More on that in her own post later though 🙂

See the bases of the Eifel Tower fabric we found that is plastic lined burlap already printed.  We got it at Joann Fabrics near upholstery items… very neat!!!

So then my honey covered her all up!  And made her sing a beautiful song when sewn on too!  We are waiting on some parts to finish her up then I will take her out and give you a proper tour of my newest and last probably personal machine Nelly!

I am linking this post to…
Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy here 🙂  Go see some great quilty goodness in her link up!  Some may even be grunting today! lol

Do you set goals for your stitching and crafting?  Would love to hear how you set goals 🙂
Leave a comment if you will!

10 thoughts on “Setting Slow Stitching Goals… Do you?

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I try to set a goal on the quilt that is in my hand quilting frame so that it won't take me a year to get it off the frame. I quilt on it mainly in the evening and I sit and watch something on netflix to keep me occupied while I do it – I sit for 1 to 2 hours quilting as I watch/listen.I wondered why you had such a complicated quilting design on busy fabric – you explained it. Good luck on your goals


  2. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    I set goals for my hand quilting. I try to figure out how much I can quilt in one day and then put a star on the calendar when I am successful. That way I can tell within a week how long a quilt to be finished. I don't like seeing days without stars on them as it pushes the finish date into th future.


  3. Jill

    The spines will go quickly. Blocks are doable. Yes an intricate pattern on a busy print, but it is good stitching practice for another quilt. I'm always behind on my goals. It's okay. I know of no goal police in quilt blogland.


  4. Quilter Kathy

    What a great way to fix up a machine case!Good luck with meeting your goal. I always set goals, especially my monthly UFO goal and it really helps me. Enjoy your slow stitching 🙂


  5. Daytona Damsel

    I haven't achieved a goal I have set this year but my life is rather chaotic right now. So I still set goals but give myself a lot of grace in accomplishing them. Absolutely love, love that case. Your homey is not only talented but creative. You are blessed to have him.


  6. Wehago designs

    Yes Kathi I do set goals, sometimes they are not achievable but it is always fun trying, and generally I achieve something which would app have been unattainable if I hadn't of set a goal!


  7. Teresa in Music City

    Oh yes, I do set goals, but I have learned to be easy on myself if I don't meet them. I realized earlier this year that I was being much too hard on myself and imposing goals and deadlines that were not necessary. I keep having to remind myself that quilting is my hobby, not my job!!! Good luck with your stitching today :*)


  8. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I don't really set many goals because unmet goals can sometimes add a level of stress to something that is pleasurable. I don't want to pass up an opportunity to spend the day with my Ts or take a road trip with DH because I'm within sight of meeting a goal I set for myself … not to mention that I'm not very realistic in setting goals (like I thought I could get at least 1/4 if not 1/2 of the blocks pieced for my quilt at the retreat on Friday … I got 2 blocks finished with enough segments to finish another 2 … that wasn't even 10% of the blocks! ha!).


  9. Anonymous

    What a cute and unique machine cover you have now! Your husband is definitely a handy guy to have around. Your quilting is coming along well, even if we are rapidly (way too rapidly!) approaching the end of April. I love that you are doing this the way your husband wants it. All my goals are pretty flexible, but they are there. =)



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