Terrific Tuesday ~ Francis is named!

Lots of fun stuff happening here… and just wanted to break into your week and share 🙂

My honey named the 1928 White Rotary ….

Francis ~ after the mother and daughter of the Martha Washington cabinet he just finished a great reno on!  Take a look at her 🙂

This is what she looked like in her original “outfit”… the sides are off in these pics for reno already!

And here she is after many painstaking hours of stripping, and sanding, then staining.. then touching up, then varnishing several times!!!

 Inside the right hand door is a GREAT place for the power cord to stay hidden… my honey rewired the case but not the machine as it was in good order already… that cost $3.00 at Lowes.  Did I tell you this wonderful machine and cabinet came to us FREE on Craigslist locally???

Anyway, the door is a cool place to store thread… but there is more!  Look closer 🙂

Look at that cool little brass oil can that has a little home… my honey plans to “reno” that can so I can use it for oiling my machines when I use them… something vintage machines need regularly I am told! lol
And on the top of the door is a hidden door with this brass plate … “Martha Washington Model”.

The left side is a “pocket” of sorts… and was typical on this sewing machine cabinet when first produced.  It came with special hinges to move the lid of the drawer out of the way and back into place… but the wood there is past worn out so I told my honey to leave it.. it is part of her history.. he still sanded a LOT! lol… but her previous life still shows through a bit!  Francis is a good strong name for the good strong machine and cabinet she is though!

 Inside that pocket are the original manuals and a box that says “Eaton” on it that is full of…

 Stuff! lol

A needle threader like I used! A tatting shuttle… lots of attachments too! And…
needles in this holder for the machine!  I snatched these quick as I did a cool stilleto! 😀

 Now that I have showed you where she came from… take another look at her…

 Isn’t Francis in a beautiful cabinet!  I love how she is dressed… but now more about her!!!

She was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1928.  All other history is unknown… she sews great though and now she has a beautiful renewed case to last the rest of her life 🙂

Close up of her name plate 🙂

Look at all the cast iron scroll work on the bed, the front …

add the far end too!  So Beautiful!

Francis has a nice BIG wheel on her!

… And a view from the top!

 In this view here you can see the knee pedal inside the cabinet and the bottom drawer fronts disappear into the cabinet as part of the mechanism cantilever system Francis was originally engineered with…

She is a straight stitch only… and has a matte finish on the cast iron called “crinkled” finish.  Her wheel needs to be rechromed and she could use a bit more scrubbing… but look at this below!

She sews like a dream!

We played with her quite a bit and the stitch length indicator works well and initially she needed MAJOR tlc in the oiling and running department… you can see now she is ready for whatever we send her way!

So total investment…

Gas to pick her up (she was a Craigslist FREE find)                                            $5.00
1 week labor…                                                                                                      Sweat!
Stain and varnish we already had…
We bought stripper and have leftovers                                                                 $12.00
We bought sandpaper                                                                                             $6.00
We bought an extension cord for rewiring…                                                          $3.00
>>> Knowledge in all those areas!!!<<<<                                                     Priceless!!!
Total                                                                                                                    $26.00!

So if you have the knowledge of refinishing furniture or are handy enough to learn it try it!  But if you don’t get electricity take the extension cord to your sewing machine person and let them do it for you!  Electricity is nothing to mess with and you could short out your whole machine working with old wiring… luckily Francis has perfect condition wiring… but her cord from the cabinet was DANGEROUS!  So we didn’t even plug her in til we changed that out.  We did not test her when we got her in that condition because she was FREE 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed these pics 🙂  I enjoyed having a sunny day to take pics in! lol

8 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday ~ Francis is named!

  1. Anonymous

    I have one of these cabinets with a machine. I would have to look at it to see if it is the same White machine as yours. I bought for the cabinet mainly. I have a sewing cabinet the same Martha Washington design, but holds sewing stuff, has 3 drawers in it and sides open up. Yours is beautiful!! I will have to strip mine and refinish!


  2. Design Originals by KC

    Since you are replying anonymously Imust leave a reply here 🙂 Thanks for commenting… there ARE also plain cabinets that LOOK like this but have real drawers instead of \”fake\” ones like mine does. Would love to know if we have similar machines. Feel free to email me directly at kathibc at yahoo dot com:)


  3. Anonymous

    The left side is a \”pocket\” of sorts… and was typical on this sewing machine cabinet when first produced. It came with special hinges to move the lid of the drawer out of the way and back into place… but the wood there is past worn out so I told my honey to leave \”i have the exact same machine and cabinet. With the same hinge problem. The hinges crumbled I guess from age. Did you ever run onto replacement hinges for it. Without the hinges, I don't know how to keep that lid on even for display.KathyBy the way, you did a beautiful job restoring her.


  4. Unknown

    I got a VERY similar machine today at an estate sale ($25), it has a less ornate case. But the same amazing cast iron body. Did you call to get the dating done on yours? We plugged it in & it did run. My husband is going to re-wire it (for safety). But I'm so thrilled!!!



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