Whooping away Cabin Fever!

Although I live on Florida’s east coast in a little town near Daytona Beach we too suffer cabin fever when the days are cool and nights are cold… no sunlight for Florida is painful I will tell you!  Surely cabin fever is we are truly suffering from!  So I hand quilt!  My fave thing to do!

I am over 50% complete on THE MAN quilt for my honey…. it has 30 squares… this was #14 🙂  I am on 15 now!

I listen and watch my “bubblers”… water fountains that work continuously to flow the water… very soothing to listen to with a movie, a tutorial, or just quilting!

I have even taken to watching the cactus garden that is too heavy to bring inside so we prayed it would survive the winter as these are our smallest cacti…

And I have been selling my honey’s handiwork locally for now but we have boxes for shipping on order!  So exciting to see dachshund food bowls and mancave signs coming off the shelves as we get the word out that they are even available! lol

How do you cure cabin fever?  Check out Lily Pad Quilting Linky Party to share your helps 🙂

What are you whooping?  Check out the great stuff Sarah has going on here 🙂

Hope this post has inspired YOU to share what makes you whoop … or what cures your cabin fever… no matter where we live we can all get it ya know! lol

7 thoughts on “Whooping away Cabin Fever!

  1. Jill

    You are making good progress on the man quilt. It will be nice to snuggle under after making and selling wood projects. The hand quilting cartoon tickles me.


  2. Vroomans' Quilts

    Oh, I would trade for your 'cabin fever' – sunshine is a great break from any dulldrum and we have seen very little of that up North. I had lots of little cacti thru the house and then found my one cat liked to 'beat them up' so they had to find a new home with a friend. (the cacti not the cat)



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