Moving on :)

I have so much to share today!  We are moving on sick or not because we are tired of it! lol 

Block 14 of THE MAN quilt I finished last night…

The is an edge block so you can see the different sashing on the outer border that will be quilted last… can you even see the stitches???  How about this view???

Doesn’t that show the design clear as mud??? lol  Insert major sarcasm… however after wetting a couple blocks with a spray bottle I do think this design will show well once washed and wrinkley… and if not… my honey and I will know the design is there and he will love how quilty it all feels when done too!

So here is the same design beginning to get marked on block 15…

In real life the swirly are fairly apparent now… but just not able to get light and camera to agree with me!

My honey meantime has been battling his cold by doing yardwork!  That is his form of relaxation…

We scored some concrete rectagular planters WITH some almost dead plants in them… and this is what my honey did with all them!!!

Starting from the left is a new to us planter with some monkey grass, next is a cool planter we also scored with a chinese rubber plant… it seemed to need it’s own space 🙂 
Next is another new to us planter with a bouganvillia (the scraggly small tree like bush with scant fuscia blooms on it..)  These are native to Florida but it was in partial shade… it needs 5 hours of sunlight a day… so I am excited to watch this baby take off… my honey lovingly added wandering jew below it for more color and warmth. 
On the post my honey set in the ground a while back are 2 planters and a trellis that came free with the planters… we are using to train the Carolina Jasmine growing from the base of the post… it has some little yellow blooms and is happier in the ground than anytime during the year we had left it dormant in the pot it was gifted to us in!  So happy it is happy now 🙂
Behind the post is the rejuvenated wagon with wandering jew ready for a winning year of beauty for us… In front of that is a planter like the others with more monkey grass and finally in the foreground is our cactus garden… mostly dormant now but looking healthy overall 😉

Better view of my view!

The wandering jew from last year that were near the house survived and look vibrant and hearty this morning…

As does the azalea bush below 🙂

And in the distance you can see the wandering jew we planted in the windowbox of our storage building has done well… but the pot on the corner of the house needed replanting… so my honey renewed that one too!

And finally a pic through the elephant ears… that brave winter in Florida without a blink… they don’t grow much but they don’t die or get limp either!  Loving that… and you can see a bubbler we got… it is a water feature that looks like concrete but is molded plastic and causes us lots of JOY!  With the deep trickling sound it gives out… mmmmm… relaxing…   Great for quilting!  So we are moving on despite illness..

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and a blessed week!

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