Backyard Walk About :)

The cooler than we are used to almost freezing temps for the last couple weeks here on Florida’s east coast has left me wanting some color in my life!  After my honey spent some time sparking up the back yard… I thought I would share some of what I found on my walk about this morning!  Just outside my back door too!

Here is the door leading off my Florida room (aka screened in porch) 😀

Look at the new growth of those dark red plants to the right of the door…

I love this shot with the windchimes showing their prettiness with the little storage building looking so cute in the background…

And the wandering jew in the planter outside the building did well with the frosts we had 🙂

these wandering jew didn’t fare as well…

Sunday my honey divided down the elephant ears from here…

And put the divided out middle here…

and here 🙂

My honey trimmed the daisies back yesterday too….

Leaving these 2 beautiful blooms to get all the food 🙂

A close up of the fuscia flowers you saw outside my door to the left of the first pic I showed 🙂

Azalea bush blooming 🙂

And a rescued couple of plants that have flourished in a shady spot in the back yard since we moved them last summer…

And the one of the left had a hidden bloom head… so I will be watching that but I think we missed the show this time…

The blooming aloes and cacti did not fare the weather with pretty blooms but they all look to be surviving … as for now I bid you adieu and hope you have enjoyed this colorful display of bloggy love sending to each of you that take time to read what I have to say!

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