4 Blocks DONE! Yippee :)

As I have slow stitched 32 feathers are now done making that 65% complete… and 4 of the blocks are done yielding a 13% completion on them!  Yippee!  And look at the beautiful shot I got as the sun was setting yesterday!

4 blocks all bordered by feathers and looking FABULOUS!  I am really getting excited about this quilt now and so is the recipient… my honey! lol

Here is a view from the top of those same 4 blocks but the sun was still too bright to see the quilting much…

And here is a close up of the upper right block 🙂

Once washed this design should really pop on these blocks… no chance of it showing much on the back though cuz it is sooo busy! lol

I picked the back out for my honey’s personality… I should have used a solid to show off my stitches better because they kind of are rocking on this quilt and just me and my honey know it! lol

So my plan to day is to finish the 5th and maybe 6th blocks… then move on to working on feathers again… this time I will appreciate how easily they needle with precious few seams to deal with like I have on this overall swirl 🙂

Want to know more about how I marked an intricate design on these busy fabrics??? Check out my guest post at Celebrate Hand Quilting blog here

Linking my progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday here
Merlize Stitch by Stitch ~ Anything goes here

Hope you have a happy Sunday!

15 thoughts on “4 Blocks DONE! Yippee :)

  1. Karen

    Very nice quilt. I love I spy fabrics and quilts. This pattern of blocks you are doing is great. I live in farm county and we see lots of John Deere tractors all the time.


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I'm impressed … you're really coming along, aren't you? How big is this quilt going to be? I love that you've chosen backing to suit your sweetie's personality … truly this will be a fabulous man quilt! 😉


  3. genie

    We live in true John Deere territory out here in the boonies so I honed in on those little block right off the bat. This is a wonderful quilt. The feathering quilting stitch is beautiful. You must be having the best time making this one. It just makes me smile from ear to ear. Happy Quilting. genie



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