This week for me has been about gaining perspective on life….

You see my computer basically died for about 4 days 🙂  Yep… that is a smiley… it still worked it just didn’t do ALL it was supposed to do…

Thus the reason I haven’t posted.

While the computer was down… 

My cousins sweet 3 month old baby girl Evie had open heart surgery this week… so the computer wasn’t missed much and I posted on facebook so all my homies knew what was up… you all were just out of the loop… sorry!

Here is Evie..

almost 3 months old… and only 9 1/2 lbs… before surgery

 They found a murmur when they were investigating her inability to gain weight… they found initially she had a hole in the bottom part of her heart called a VSD… then they found she also had a narrowing that is a fairly common heart defect called Coarctation of the Aorta.

This was my baliwick!  This is the unit I worked in when I worked… now I am 700 miles away but am happy my view isn’t of her post op in her bed healing … but rather healing like infants should… like this!…

first post op feeding by Mom 🙂
Later that night more alert with dad!

Also… while the computer was down… 

I reached 32 feathers completed out of the 49 on the quilt!  That is over 65% complete with that part… so time to work on the blocks… I will write a post later today on my adventures getting my first block stitched! lol

Also … while the computer was down…

My honey made several doxie bowl sets to sell… from our ad I made that looks like this…

and he made a cat bowl set for my daughter… thinking of adding chihuahua faces to change out with doxie faces…. but my thoughts are find our market then diversify the product… we are new at this and we have to find our niche market… doxie stuff sells… we are asking a good price for these we think… but have yet to find a place for easy sales… we aren’t shipping yet… so there is still Etsy and Ebay which is what most of you suggested that kindly took the time to comment on that post… much appreciated out loud! lol

Also… while the computer was down… 
I realized how much I appreciate each of you readers of my blog and love the comments… not being in blog land for almost a week with no notice it is about to happen (like this week when the electricity went off and it was a cool winter morning on Florida’s east coast! lol)

I couldn’t ask for you to pray for sweet Evie in her time of need but she still needs and her family covets your prayers for complete healing with no need for future surgeries!!!

I couldn’t celebrate a milestone on the quilt in pics like I do… was totally uninspired to take pics without the quick satisfaction of making a post from them would add to your day… and my perspective of the project!

So take time to look at your life… enjoy daydreaming times.. and times to focus and not daydream… but balance that in your life… life isn’t all about how much we accomplish… but what we learn as we accomplish 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for joining me for this look at perspective from my perspective! lol

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Kymberly

    It's funny how things appear right when you need them. My quilting project that I thought would be easy is turning into a nightmare and I decided to take a break from it and read blogs. I definitely needed the reminder to focus on what I've learned today. I'm glad to hear your cousin's little girl is on the road to recovery and your feathers are going well.


  2. Anonymous

    I'm so glad Evie is doing well! I read down to this point and had to comment that she looks so much better in the last picture posted up top. Love those feeding bowls. We had a long-haired dachshund while I was growing up, and that dog was as smart as they come. If I had one today, I'd get those bowls. Very reasonably priced. Your husband is a talented woodworker – I saw his quilt sign for you, too.



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