Whooping accomplishments!

So excited to share with you all my new blog header…clean and simple… and handmade by my honey!  I love it… he stained oak wood pieces different colors and got a wonderful effect I think… if you are reading this in a reader…. check it out here…

Can you see the word in the pieces of wood??? Super AWESOME I think… and he thought of it himself and designed it himself… just wood instead of fabric 🙂

I am super excited as I have watched this pile of wood pieces…  leftovers from making Fiona’s case…

nicely posed on his quilt I am working away on feverishly… to this!

then the staining of the wood idea started and he showed me this…

and the final reveal above… the goal is a secret project for now… still some figuring to go.  But our goal is to make a quilt hanger out of this as the holder of the hooks and a rod 🙂

I personally have been busy quilting between other things and supporting my honey and his creative burst to make it past the 1/3 completion of feathers and cornerstones as I stabilize this quilt 🙂

Meet feather number 17 here!

I am in a quandary on how to mark the blocks for an intricate stencil but believe today I will go to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s in search of something to help me… I am anxious to see the blocks quilted too now that I have some stabilized by doing all the feathers around some of the blocks…

The cornerstones are a yin yang symbol… a special meaning for my honey and now a permanent part of this quilt!

Hope you are having as productive a week as we are… what are you whooping???

I plan to link this post to:
Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict here

3 thoughts on “Whooping accomplishments!

  1. Jill

    Clever quilt lettering. Feathers are so very pretty. Sometimes when we take a break from our quandaries, the answer comes. Wandering through stores helps me figure stuff out. Look forward to both reveals.



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