Whooping in 2014 Hand Quilting… and other stuff too!

We are definitely WHOOPING in the New Year with a lot of quilting and a lot of cleaning… how are you spending your New Year so  far???

I am especially whooping progress on THE MAN quilt for my honey…

I am done with 10 feathers and cornerstones and had 49 to do to start with so I am 1/5 done with this part!  How exciting it is!!!

Look at how cute the yin yang in the cornerstones is turning out…

And I love how the feathers each meet the cornerstone heading opposite ways… so cool looking when it is done!  I am using a steel grey thread by Aurifil.  It is 28/2 but very flimsy… so I find using this little gem my friend Debbie gave me is the ticket to threading a needle with flimsy thread….

Yep, it is like those little needle threaders that come in a basic sewing kit but boy is it helpful and I love the chunky base to hold to instead of the lightweight metal I have seen previously… and have one I think! lol  But this is the one I use because it is helpful AND because it reminds me of my quilty friend Debbie! 😀

My honey has been quite busy cleaning carpets and wiping down the kitchen… today I am happy my place is out back because he is cleaning the oven and it smells sooo bad in there as all that dirt is disintegrated!  Time to turn on the wax burners when the oven is finished 🙂

He also made some steps for our mini dauchshund Daisy!

She had to be coaxed for a bit but once she figured out that he made them just for her to get up on the bed she was sold and has used them ever since… 🙂  SCORE!  Isn’t her cute collar nice… it shows well in this pic!

I am now a contributing writer at the Celebrate Hand Quilting blog here… come check out what is going on in the world of hand quilting if you like… it is a fun blog and we need your feedback on a focus for 2014… so if you are a blogger who quilts by hand… come and tell us what you want to know more about… we will help you out… we have quilters of all ranges in our group of writers 🙂  I will soon be featuring a blog post from all the tutorials we shared in 2013!  Come learn something new or ask questions about what YOU are interested in hand quilting related.

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Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Whooping in 2014 Hand Quilting… and other stuff too!

  1. Leanne Parsons

    Your quilting looks great! I haven't done any hand quilting in a couple of years…it was taking me too long to finish anything. I may hand quilt my hexagon quilt though. It seems a shame to hand piece the whole thing and then machine quilt it. Of course, I could end up machine quilting it so I can hang it sooner (as in years sooner according to my usual hand quilting track record).



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