2014 Sew Along… You in???

We are planning a sew along at Patchwork Friends facebook page here… it is a closed group of quilters of all skill levels… I will be giving out “assignments” every 2 months and by next spring of 2015 this cute little wall hanging will be complete.  
Overall measurements are 26 x 33 as designed in these pics…

Here is another color suggestion…

It is a quilt in a day pattern with optional video and I have one so all you have to have is the pattern and a stash to use 🙂  The pattern and shipping from my house (I plan to send each participant some fun scraps for the applique portion) $8.00 via snail mail or Paypal… however 🙂

I need to know by January 8, 2014 to order the books for all of us… saves shipping and the only place to get this pattern is from leftovers at the manufacturer.  I have found 1 or 2 online but no bulk available through private sellers and lqs’s…

So long story short… are you in??? If so request admittance to Patchwork Friends through the link above if you are on Facebook or reply here if you aren’t on Facebook and I will figure out something 🙂

I want us to have a fun time building memories and friendships and come up with our own ideas…

Personally I have a vintage 1950’s machine… already have her fabric to applique her with and applique can be iron on or sewn on with this pattern (planning a vid on this part coming via me and Connie this summer)  The book you will get is very indepth and has full sized patterns 🙂

So.. again I ask… ARE YOU IN???

Hope to see you in Patchwork Friends… first instructions will go out in March but expect to have your book to collect your fabrics and finalize your design if you are customizing any by the end of January 🙂

Have a blessed day and have…

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